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Jaffa & Neve Tzedek, Israel Jaffa & Neve Tzedek, Israel

Jaffa is an ancient port city that was incorporated with Tel Aviv in 1949. It’s one of the cities where Jews and Arabs live together. Daylight shows how old and somewhat neglected it is besides the more touristy parts. Overlooking Tel Aviv This is the area for tourists, local and foreign, with designer and jewelry […]

Tel Aviv, Israel (2) Tel Aviv, Israel (2)

At the heart of old Tel Aviv, beautiful, and ugly, old buildings (and each apartment has a porch!) Skyscrapers (no porches ) People in cafes and cars honking—Why? For who?—at 3 AM (I was awake since there’s a 10 hours jet lag/time difference between WA and Israel) An afternoon concert with one of Israel’s most […]

Tel Aviv, Israel (Without too many words) Tel Aviv, Israel (Without too many words)

(Listen to this song about Tel Aviv in the fall as you look at the pics. It got stuck in my head as long as we were in the city.) A classic Israeli breakfast *always* include: 1-2 eggs (any style), small chopped vegetable salad (tomato and a cucumber are a must!), an assortment of cheeses, […]