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Matzo balls soup Matzo balls soup

I was behind to join Twitter, behind with setting up a “fan” page on Facebook (mostly because I dislike to use the word “fan”, but do go and visit me there for updates, OK?), and then behind with making matzo balls… Technology-wise, I wonder, is it an age “thing” that I’m so behind? But matzo […]

Italian soup’s tiny chicken meatballs, minus the soup Italian soup’s tiny chicken meatballs, minus the soup

I have already compared my glamorous suburban life to meatballs before. So what else is left to say? Do you like chicken? Do you like meatballs? Do you like cheese in your chicken meatballs? Oh, oh, I know, do you like a crusty bottom on your meatballs? ‘Cause these little guys have nice crusty bottoms, and […]

Invest in stock Invest in stock

We need to have a serious talk. To make it easier, I’ll start with the bottom line: “Any lousy chicken stock you will make at home will taste far superior to ANY store-bought stock or broth you will buy.” Now, let me tell you something. The last time I made chicken stock was about 3-4 […]

Minestrone time Minestrone time

This soup has been waiting to be published for a looong time. With all the holidays bustle of shopping and cookies baking, it got buried under a pile of other recipes and things to do and write about that wouldn’t wait any longer. It’s been waiting since…. hmmm, 3 weeks ago? It was freezing cold […]