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Summer, finally Summer, finally

Our veggie bed is small, as you can see. Only 4 by 8 feet (1.2 m * 2.4 m) but it’s still big enough to produce a lot of lettuce and some kale, chard, beets, fennel, peas, and (although I lost my optimism, we’re still waiting to see some) cauliflower. Every thing that grows is a […]

The slugs, the beer, and the squirrel: Part 2 The slugs, the beer, and the squirrel: Part 2

No, no beer-braised squirrel in that pasta dish. Don’t worry. I told you about my snail, beer, and a beer stealing squirrel problem. And I have received some advice. Thanks! Crystal commented that what I have are slugs and not snails and suggested “A tried and true method I have used to make a beer […]

The snail, the beer, and the squirrel The snail, the beer, and the squirrel

Something, or someone, is munching on our leafy greens. He/she/it particularly likes the cauliflower leaves and the tender curly lettuce leaves Some, but not so much, kale or the other kale, and it is not too crazy about beets either. PICKY EATER! I looked for snails but couldn’t find any. Puzzled, I mentioned it to […]

Green stuff Green stuff

People! You inspire me. You impress me. You amaze me. You are such pros. Some of you… you should open your own little stand at the farmers’ market! I’m very excited about our backyard leafy greens and herbs and another season of growth in the garden but you… You have so many great ideas! Here […]

Weekend photos: Backyard veggie garden Weekend photos: Backyard veggie garden

It’s backyard veggie garden time. Lettuce, kale, chard, mustard greens, peas, beets, arugula, fennel, mint, cilantro, tarragon, chives, parsley, thyme, lemon thyme, rosemary… Last year we started in mid May although the raised bed was finished only1-2 weeks after. By mid June the lettuce was growing like crazy! The year before, July 2008, we had […]

Summer crazies Summer crazies

Oh, what a summer it has been. Quite stormy, I’d say. If you have been following my family stories, you know what I’m talking about… My father passed away 3 weeks ago after months of being very sick. I can’t still digest this fact and the only time I have to think about it is […]

food blogs that inspire & home-made lettuce food blogs that inspire & home-made lettuce

“Eating greens is a special treat. It makes looong ears and great big feet”. Oh, I have waited such a long time to post that! D’you know who said that? (The answer at bottom of the post). When you grow your own lettuce you have no choice but eat your greens. And fast. Only 1 […]

Urban garden, getting started Urban garden, getting started

When spring is springing I feel an urge to buy a couple of pots with fresh herbs and flowers. How about you? This year, I became aware of another side and added value to buying herbs in pots. One of the things I learned from the Hunger challenge is that I can save a lot […]

Backyard Vegetable Garden Backyard Vegetable Garden

An essential part of teaching children about food is educating them about where food comes from. Visiting farms and U-pick farms is a terrific experience and an excellent opportunity to show them how food grows and where it comes from. Growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs in your own back and/or front yard makes a wonderful […]