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Brown rice noodles Brown rice noodles

(This is not a sponsored ad.) Speaking of detox, I wanted to tell you that I ate, still do, lots of brown rice. It can be tiring after a while. Then, I discovered these noodles in the Asian isle. I love them. They taste good on their own with nothing added but a little salt. […]

Happy and sweet New Year everyone! Happy and sweet New Year everyone!
Rethinking Rethinking

I’ve been busy making lots and lots of doughnuts in the past week. It’s Hanukah and those doughnuts are the best treat ever! After 5 batches of homemade doughnuts (Which we call “Sufganiyot”) and many guests and parties, I self-declare myself The Queen of Doughnuts—everyone said mine are the best! And I believe them. And […]

Knive skills Knive skills

Start at a young age…      

Weekend photos: It’s a boy! Weekend photos: It’s a boy!

It’s been a month. Wow, time sure flies. We haven’t told too many people yet. Only the grandparents and a handful of our closest friends. There’s a new addition to our family. Needless to say, the kids are ecstatic. Mustache and goatee! Very excited! Especially Junior.   Suburban cowboy is ecstatic too. Can’t you tell? […]