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Cosmic coco to the rescue Cosmic coco to the rescue

A few years ago, when I was trying to promote my (now defunct) personal chef business, I set up a table at my son’s day care center and offered brownies to those people who were interested to hear about it. Then a little girl passed by with her father and commented, ”these brownies look like […]

How to roast a chicken How to roast a chicken

  When I started writing this blog about 2.5 years ago, I didn’t know what a blog was. I started it only as a way to keep in touch with some parents who had attended a session I gave about kids and food, picky eaters, and planning a weekly dinner menu (something that I have […]

Rethinking Rethinking

I’ve been busy making lots and lots of doughnuts in the past week. It’s Hanukah and those doughnuts are the best treat ever! After 5 batches of homemade doughnuts (Which we call “Sufganiyot”) and many guests and parties, I self-declare myself The Queen of Doughnuts—everyone said mine are the best! And I believe them. And […]

Sun, sand, water, feet Sun, sand, water, feet

We got there right on time. One minute before the sun disappeared behind the mountains. Can you see it? I turned around and snapped this, and the sun was gone. Sunset has begun. It was date night. We had dinner—the restaurant was fancy, the food was good, a bit pricy, and overall OK but not […]

A little face lift A little face lift

You might have noticed a few changes around here. No, it’s not going to be a butt blog. But I’m having a little face lift accompanied by some clean up. No, not me-me, the blog, of course… silly. Have you noticed the new light blue background (it used to be green) and the new header […]

Pirate's booty Pirate's booty

3/15/2009 update: A few days after publishing this post I was contacted by a PR person for the company that makes one of the brands. I’d like to make it clear that my point in the post was not to promote brand A or B but to emphasize the importance of reading labels and the ingredient […]


This short piece below was written last night during a writing workshop with Molly who writes the blog Orangette and Matthew from Roots and grubs. More details in a sec… *** The moment I saw Matthew open a plastic container filled with red stuff in it called “kimchi”, a smell of dirty socks filled up […]

No recipe No recipe

I don’t feel like posting recipes lately. Do you mind at all? I wonder… Please do tell me. Because my head seems to be more into daily family stuff, writing or photographing whatever is around me than posting new recipes that I cooked or baked. I feel more excited telling you about Saturday then the […]

Sweet stuff Sweet stuff

So what did I bake in the past year? There were lots of cakes and cookies but for you I’ve posted only the best ones! Note the photography. I think I got better this year and soon I will share with you more Food photography posts and what I learned…. Meanwhile, I have found 2 […]

Everyone is doing it and so am I Everyone is doing it and so am I

You know… lists with favorite recipes from the year 2009. I thought I won’t, but I surrender… Here are my favorite savory recipes from last year. Notice the quality of the food photography. I think I got a little better this year. Sweet recipe summary will come soon, in case you wondered, or was worried… […]

Chocolate-vanilla tea biscuits bars Chocolate-vanilla tea biscuits bars

This post has been sitting on my desk, actually on my computer screen, open for the past week. If it were on paper, I would have probably torn it to little pieces by now. I can’t even remember, what was the point I wanted to make in this post? In order to finish it, I […]

Happy birthday blog! Happy birthday blog!

Each year, a few days before my birthday I start getting all excited and nervous, like a little girl, wanting to know what kind of surprises and presents are waiting for me (if any, I worry). I start nagging and trying to get any clue I can out of my husband and son. But they […]

food blogs that inspire & home-made lettuce food blogs that inspire & home-made lettuce

“Eating greens is a special treat. It makes looong ears and great big feet”. Oh, I have waited such a long time to post that! D’you know who said that? (The answer at bottom of the post). When you grow your own lettuce you have no choice but eat your greens. And fast. Only 1 […]

a happy place a happy place

This blog will soon turn 1 years old! I always tried to keep it a happy place. Write only about cooking, baking, kids, parties, birthdays, farms, vacations… the good stuff, you know… Well, this might change and I’d like to know what you think about it. You see, sometimes I visit blogs where everything looks […]

Hunger challenge – Budget, groceries, and menu Hunger challenge – Budget, groceries, and menu

I’m not writing about Weight Loss Weekly today since I’m going to post about the Hunger Action Week in the next 5 days. But do go and visit Bernie, Sunny, and Joie de vivre who are discussing this question: How do your family and friends support you or hinder you in your weight loss efforts? […]