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Tarts and pies

La Tartine Gourmande cookbook & Carrot and zucchini tartlets Coriander-flavored carrot and zucchini tartlets

“How many cookbooks do you have anyway?” my boy asked me the other day, followed by, “And how many (food) magazines?” I never counted, but there are 2 full bookcases. “Don’t worry”, I told him. “Son, one day all this will be yours and your sister’s. 50-50” I bought my first cookbook at 10. The second one […]

Mushroom quiche recipe Mushroom quiche recipe

OK, so we had a few distractions between the No-roll quiche crust post – because we visited Mount Rainier National Park, Blueberry Hills farm, and Lake Chelan – to the actual finished product, that is the mushroom quiche post. I’ll be honest with you… For me, making – and eating! – a mushroom quiche is […]

No-roll quiche crust No-roll quiche crust

You know me, I’m a risk taker. A.k.a I get lazy and bake gnocchi to see what will happen, instead of cook them in boiling water as people are supposed to do. To justify this sort of moves, I have developed a theory that all great inventors must have been lazy folks who just wanted […]

Jam crostata; She’s a gem! Jam crostata

Why, why, oh why have I waited so long to make this? Goodness. First, basically, I gotta tell you, this is so unbelievably easy to make which is just like totally unbelievable. Like. Totally. Second, I love it! It’s like you basically make a dough, and like, em, smear jam on it, and sprinkle almonds […]

Pumpkin banana cream pie Pumpkin banana cream pie

As far as my memory goes back in time, I can count the times I baked with someone on one hand. I don’t get too many opportunities to bake together with family or friends besides my son (who sometimes quits before the process is complete) or an occasional guest. Baking means a lot to me. […]

Triple coconut cream pie Triple coconut cream pie

Oh, man, it seems like ages since I made this pie even though I baked it right after our recent dinner at Dahlia Lounge. But what can one say about a pie when life is a roller coaster? Life Life has been challenging lately. I usually don’t resort to sweets or overeat to comfort myself although I […]

Flaky and Creamy Butternut Squash Galette

No, I am not going to give you another decadent chocolate dessert recipe for Valentine’s Day. They seem to be all over the place as it is. You don’t really need another one. Do you? On the other hand, what are you going to have for dinner before the dessert? Or is it going to […]