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A treat (Kale chips) A treat (Kale chips)

Baked kale chips. I’ve seen them before on this blog and this blog and wanted to make them ever since. While I was on the Detox diet (now I’m on an elimination diet to try and figure out which food/s make my body crazy (more about that later) ) it was the perfect timing to […]

Hummus, my way Hummus

Sometimes the simple things in life are the trickiest ones to nail down. Not to discourage you, but you might think that by taking a no-cooking recipe with a few basic ingredients, whizzing them all together in a food processor, then voila, you’ll have hummus? Eh, no. It doesn’t quite work that way. Life’s simplest pleasures […]

Figs with yogurt and honey Figs with yogurt and honey

It’s been many years since I bought figs. I think. I usually pass by them and rarely grab one. Sometimes they’re too expensive. Sometimes they’re not so fresh, sometimes… they are just not that tempting. But my sister loves figs. When she was visiting us, we went grocery shopping and she instinctively reach her hand, […]