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Vegan, Raw… or plain “Fresh”? Vegan, Raw… or plain “Fresh”?

People have interesting reactions to the words “vegan” or “raw diet”. They get a tic or a twitch when they hear it. They dismiss it. They object to it. But mostly I detect their disbelief that vegans or raw dieters enjoy great-tasting food. I admit that I had the same reactions to these words in […]

Detox day 19 - Another pretty lunch plate Detox day 19 - Another pretty lunch plate

Steamed and roasted cauliflower small tomato 1/2 avocado a few pieces of sautéed chicken breast with cumin and paprika 1/2 cup brown rice pasta salt 1/2 teaspoon oil Pure flavors.

Speaking of grapefruit… Radicchio and grapefruit salad with nuts and dried cranberries

The dinner at Spur included 1 cocktail with grapefruit juice + 5-course dinner, each course with grapefruit in it. I’d say, that is a bit too much grapefruit for one night. To me, grapefruit is the forgotten/neglected fruit. The one most people walk by at the store without really seeing, the one no passerby would […]

NY Times potluck recipe collection, AND I’M IN IT NY Times potluck recipe collection, AND I’M IN IT

  Hey guys, big news today. My Top Secret Seasonal Salad recipe was chosen as one of the 20 top recipes for potluck dishes by New York Times and food52 editors, Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs. Woooohhooooo! In October 2008, only 4 months after I started writing this blog, I posted a recipe for Top Secret […]

Israeli couscous with fresh veggies salad and… little thieves Israeli couscous with fresh veggies salad and… little thieves

An innocent and unsuspecting salad… but then… a little hand… Who could it be?

food blogs that inspire & home-made lettuce food blogs that inspire & home-made lettuce

“Eating greens is a special treat. It makes looong ears and great big feet”. Oh, I have waited such a long time to post that! D’you know who said that? (The answer at bottom of the post). When you grow your own lettuce you have no choice but eat your greens. And fast. Only 1 […]

Late bloomers and Roasted root vegetables Roasted root vegetables

There’s a tree in our front yard. Every year, a late bloomer. All the other trees in the neighborhood are standing tall and proud, showing their flowers to everyone. Some trees are in the next stage of clinging to the last flowers which are peeking through the new fresh leaves that come after. The real fast ones […]

Grilling in the Dark Marinated Lamb Kebabs with Cilantro and Honey

It’s winter. Well, you know it. But this one seems to be not just any winter, but a looooong winterrrrrrrr. And I love grilled meat! And I can’t wait ‘till the global colding that’s been going on here in the past few weeks will end. Snow in March? Com’on… I have already done some“ grilling […]

Crunchy Cabbage Salad

Let me tell you about the crunchiest, bestest (as little kids say) cabbage salad I have ever had. Cabbage, like zucchini, might seem like a boring vegetable – at least to me, but I am now a changed woman – and so overlooked. It is not exactly the star of any meal, is it? You […]

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: 5 Stars Dinner at Home… But Will the Kids Eat It? Onion Tart with Cantal and Bacon & Butternut Squash Salad

 Are you a foodie? Are you a foodie and a parent? Do your kids share your passion for food? Or do they give you a hard time? Watch the video: I am a foodie and a picky eater in a choosy finicky, or conscious eating way. Since we got married, I got my husband all […]

Top Secret Orange Marmalade Salad Top Secret Orange Marmalade Salad

10/8/2010 update: This salad has made it into the top 20 recipes selected by NY Times editors for the potluck recipe collection! Yay! *** The vinaigrette for this salad was my best kept secret. Until now. It is ridiculously good and quick to make, yet sophisticated. You won’t believe it until you try it. Orange […]

Grilling in the Rain Balsamic Marinated Lamb with Tomato and Mint Orzo Salad

On the table tonight: Balsamic marinated lamb kebabs, Tomato and mint orzo salad, Hummus. I was planning to try a new recipe for dinner – North African Lamb Kebabs by Emeril Lagasse that has the following ingredients: (Tip: Read quickly. No need to memorize the list. Just get the general idea. Point to come.) 1 […]

Love-ly Heirloom tomatoes salad Love-ly Heirloom tomatoes salad

Eating heirloom tomatoes is a summer must-do thing. It is a real treat. I saw heirloom tomatoes at the grocery store this week. They were $5.99/lb. (Yep. Ouch.). But today we went to a farm that is located 15 minutes drive from our house – how cool is that?! – for $3.99/lb. Lesson learned: shopping […]

Rib-eye steak, grits, cherry tomatoes and butter lettuce salad Rib-eye steak, grits, cherry tomatoes and butter lettuce salad

This dinner is so easy to make. It will take you 30 minutes from start to finish, or 15-20 minutes active time. So delicious, and family-friendly too. For the steaks: I ask the butcher to cut the steak, which usually weighs 1 lb. each, lengthwise to make 2 thinner steaks. 4 each ½ lb. steaks […]

Simplest vegetable salad Simplest vegetable salad

For a long time, this was (nearly) the only salad that I made for dinner. I have repeated making it so my son will get familiar with it, and hopefully, give it a try some day. For a while he only ate the tomatoes. Later on he gave other ingredients a try, and finally we […]