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Fall and Winter

Speaking of grapefruit… Radicchio and grapefruit salad with nuts and dried cranberries

The dinner at Spur included 1 cocktail with grapefruit juice + 5-course dinner, each course with grapefruit in it. I’d say, that is a bit too much grapefruit for one night. To me, grapefruit is the forgotten/neglected fruit. The one most people walk by at the store without really seeing, the one no passerby would […]

Pumpkin "fondue" time Baked Pumpkin “Fondue”

Baked pumpkin “fondue” is as easy as pie. + + + some other ingredients = then it’s time for and… ta-da So, where have I been lately? I have been filling forms with personal information at different locations at different times. You know how it goes… One of the questions is “Occupation” and I’ve been […]

Lasagna lesson Classic lasagna

It’s been…… 4-5 years since the last time I made lasagna. So why all of a sudden did I make it now? Recently, my kid was on a mid-winter break from school and I had continuous exposure to The Garfield Show and that did it! (In case you don’t know, Garfield is a fat, lazy […]

Boiling it down–Tips for making chicken stock Boiling it down–Tips for making chicken stock

A glorious blue morning*. The greyish-blue hue on the white blinds pulled me outside with camera in hand to capture this photo. Back in the kitchen, still wearing my PJ, I poured myself a cup of coffee and then filled a pot with water, enough to cover some chicken bones, leftovers from last night’s roasted […]

Roasted red cabbage recipe Roasted red cabbage recipe

My relationship with cabbage is a turbulent one: love, desire, neglect, forgetfulness, and then… It usually ends with a reunion. Many times I walk by cabbages at the grocery store and I mostly ignore them. Only rarely do I reach my hand out to one lucky, lovely, leafy ball to take home with me. And […]

Chicken braised with cream and tarragon Chicken braised with cream and tarragon

Chicken with cream and tarragon… I believe I was a B.A student the last time I made this dish. Pheeeww, that was a long time ago! How can it be that I let 10-15 years slip by without cooking this divine dish? Jeez. I was cooking a lot of French and Italian dishes back then, my early […]

Cholent, a 15+ hours Shabbat stew (a.k.a Hamin, Chamin) Cholent

I must tell you about this stew. Because even if you believe that you will never ever make it, you must know of its existence!!! And so, you will make a conscious, knowledgeable decision whether you make it or not. I don’t want the responsibility lying on my shoulders knowing that (some of) you are […]

Matzo balls soup Matzo balls soup

I was behind to join Twitter, behind with setting up a “fan” page on Facebook (mostly because I dislike to use the word “fan”, but do go and visit me there for updates, OK?), and then behind with making matzo balls… Technology-wise, I wonder, is it an age “thing” that I’m so behind? But matzo […]

Spontaneous brisket Spontaneous brisket

First, a short announcement. I’ve started a new Facebook “fan” page for my blog. I feel uncomfortable saying “fan” so let’s keep it simple and informal. If you like Facebook and you’d like to get post updates there, click here to check it out and join me. Thanks! Now, where were we? Oh, yeah, brisket. […]

Minestrone time Minestrone time

This soup has been waiting to be published for a looong time. With all the holidays bustle of shopping and cookies baking, it got buried under a pile of other recipes and things to do and write about that wouldn’t wait any longer. It’s been waiting since…. hmmm, 3 weeks ago? It was freezing cold […]

Braised short ribs Braised short ribs

A quiet dinner, a glass of wine, dining al fresco by the swimming pool, watching the red and orange sunset, gazing at the ocean, listening to the waves, and looking into the eyes of your loved one… Aha, I gotchya! Didn’t I?! You got all dreamy, haven’t you?! But it does look like it could […]

Cranberry apple relish Cranberry apple relish

Originally, I had nothing to say about it. Too easy to create, too quick to make, there was no opportunity to blurt a word out before it was done. But it’s beauty too astounding to ignore, I had to share. Its expected tart sweet gorgeous tang, I could not wait until Thanksgiving. Yes, I’m talking […]

Pumpkin banana creamy dreamy dessert Pumpkin banana creamy dreamy dessert

How would you like to have these for your holiday dinner? Remember the Pumpkin banana cream pie? The recipe is here. So this is what you do when you don’t want pie (skip the dough step), or if you do make the pie but have extra custards. I mentioned a shortcut in the pie post […]

Pumpkin banana cream pie Pumpkin banana cream pie

As far as my memory goes back in time, I can count the times I baked with someone on one hand. I don’t get too many opportunities to bake together with family or friends besides my son (who sometimes quits before the process is complete) or an occasional guest. Baking means a lot to me. […]

Chicken soup for my soul Chicken soup for my soul

I consider myself a pretty adventurous eater. So what is chicken soup doing here? Well, I’m not so much an adventurous home cook anymore. I blame it on the kids. I’m just kidding. A little.

Roasted cauliflower with apples and red onion Roasted cauliflower with apples and red onion

Sometimes I fear people might get the wrong impression about me. I am aware that some people might think that since I was a personal chef for a few years, or because I own more then 130 cookbooks (I don’t count anymore), am subscribed to 3 food magazines (well, now Gourmet is gone…), and prefer […]

Wild mushroom ravioli with kale and cream Wild mushroom ravioli with kale and cream

Sometimes unplanned dishes are the most delicious (Ooh, a rhyme!). And sometimes making pasta for dinner is actually an excuse to eat kale. Kale, chard, mustard greens, and all their green friends are new in our fridge, on our table, in our hearts, and now also in our backyard (more about it later). Those are […]

I slurp, you slurp, we all slurp for hot soup Potato leek soup

Since the movie Julie & Julia came out (Have you watched it yet? You should!), I’ve been seeing and hearing so much about Julia Child’s Potage Parmentier (potato-leek soup) and her famous  Boeuf Bourguignon recipes. A perfect timing indeed since, if you haven’t noticed yet where you live, like say in… California, fall is here. […]

Foraged wild mushrooms soup Foraged wild mushrooms soup

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. It started grayish and rainy but around 10 am the sky became clearer and bluer. That made me happy and at the same time nervous, realizing all of a sudden that summer is coming to an…. end. I had a little panic attack. Then I started […]

banana nut bread, the best ever banana nut bread, the best ever

“Where is the photo of the banana bread?”, you might ask. And who is this person in the photo? (Photo was taken by my cousin). I told you in my recent “a happy place” post that my father gave me an envelope with letters from my childhood years. I read them but will need to […]

Cooking from the hip Chicken Schnitzel

How does your cooking for dinner routine look like? Are you cooking something quickly at home? Do you stop by the drive-thru? Are you being creative and playing with the food or are you stuck in a rut (like me, lately)? Are you cooking by yourself or maybe with your kids? Or are you one […]

Late bloomers and Roasted root vegetables Roasted root vegetables

There’s a tree in our front yard. Every year, a late bloomer. All the other trees in the neighborhood are standing tall and proud, showing their flowers to everyone. Some trees are in the next stage of clinging to the last flowers which are peeking through the new fresh leaves that come after. The real fast ones […]

Departures and Peas and tarragon soup Peas and tarragon soup

Spring break. Two words that shouldn’t be paired together, I think. But schools are closed and my husband and son left for a week and flew to visit family and relatives living out of state. It was me and baby at home. I really didn’t like being apart. In fact, I hated it. But, I find […]

Dream Roasted potato leek soup

I had a dream last night. I was on a big boat with many other people. Strangers. The water was deep and so white from the strong current that the boat was rocking wildly from side to side and up and down, like in a storm. Like the big pirate ship ride in a theme […]

Buttery, Cabbage that is Buttery Cabbage

  What do you call the 4th addition to a trilogy? Foursome? Quartet? Freelogy? I gave you Flaky and Creamy recipe… then we had Crunchy… and then Sweet and Smoky… and now this Buttery thing. Well, when you have half a cabbage left after a crunchy cabbage salad you will need a recipe for the […]

Pasta Bolognese Pasta Bolognese

But first, the winner of the Secret Stash Sea Salts giveaway is…. Deb! who wrote the largest number of comments.

Grilling in the Dark Marinated Lamb Kebabs with Cilantro and Honey

It’s winter. Well, you know it. But this one seems to be not just any winter, but a looooong winterrrrrrrr. And I love grilled meat! And I can’t wait ‘till the global colding that’s been going on here in the past few weeks will end. Snow in March? Com’on… I have already done some“ grilling […]

French Onion Quiche French Onion Quiche

Let’s talk about quiche. Every now and then I like to have a good quiche and eat it too. Of course. But not just any quiche. Not one with a soggy bottom, ahem ehhm, or one that is waaay too rich and makes you feel so stuffed and guilty after eating it, or one that…. […]

Flaky and Creamy Butternut Squash Galette

No, I am not going to give you another decadent chocolate dessert recipe for Valentine’s Day. They seem to be all over the place as it is. You don’t really need another one. Do you? On the other hand, what are you going to have for dinner before the dessert? Or is it going to […]

Home Made Chai “Latte” Home Made Chai “Latte”

The sun is shining this morning. What a perfect light to take a photo. However, my throat feels a little like I swallowed a frog, so I really really wanted tea this morning and not my usual coffee. But I don’t have an espresso machine at home. My husband did buy me one for my […]

Home-Made Cinnamon Ice Cream Home-Made Cinnamon Ice Cream

I love that when I bake a cake at home the aroma of the cake can be smelled from the garage when someone comes home. It can be smelled even from the street. Imagine this – an aroma of freshly baked cakes coming out of each house on your street. Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful? […]

Leftovers: Creamy Orecchiette with Roasted Vegetables, Chicken, and Leafy Greens Creamy Pasta with Roasted Vegetables, Chicken, and Leafy Greens

Whenever I manage to create a beautiful dish out of leftovers, I think about my grandmothers. Strong, hard working, stubborn and resourceful women (I got those genes), they could cook something great out of anything. (I got those genes too!) Back in the old days there was no such thing as throwing food away. I […]

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: 5 Stars Dinner at Home… But Will the Kids Eat It? Onion Tart with Cantal and Bacon & Butternut Squash Salad

 Are you a foodie? Are you a foodie and a parent? Do your kids share your passion for food? Or do they give you a hard time? Watch the video: I am a foodie and a picky eater in a choosy finicky, or conscious eating way. Since we got married, I got my husband all […]

Magical Lentil Soup Magical Lentil Soup

This is a soup for people with either big or small food budget. But no matter how deep are your pockets, it will make your heart big and your stomach full and satisfied. I got the recipe for this lentil soup from my dear and favorite aunt Eti. She cooks like they used to in […]

Arugula, Bacon, and Gruyère Bread Pudding Arugula, Bacon, and Gruyère Bread Pudding

What can I say? I love bread puddings, sweet or savory. It’s like old-world food. Basic ingredients. Using leftover bread. A warm and rustic dish. Golden crust. The best of comfort food. Here’s a lovely recipe from Gourmet magazine that I made a few days ago. Eating more leafy greens is, ahemm ahemm, one of […]

Cranberry Cake for the New Year Cranberry Cake for the New Year

I want to dedicate a cake to you. To celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. You deserve it. It has been tough lately. But it will get better, right?! It has to. I usually don’t fuss over a change of digit when a year ends, but this year […]

Holiday (or Birthday) Party Food – Appetizers Holiday (or Birthday) Party Food – Appetizers

Holidays season means… party time, and if you’re lucky, then it’s parties. Here are a few ideas to make your party stress free. What you see in the pictures is what I served for my birthday party in August. That was outside in the backyard… But, regardless of the weather, all the ingredients I used […]

Orange vegetables soup Orange vegetables soup

A few months ago I was talking on the phone with a relative from Los Angeles. She said she likes my blog and read it almost every day, and she likes the recipes etc, and then she asked “why don’t you have recipes for soup?”. “SOoooUP?” I asked, “But it’s summer! And you live in […]

Sometimes Life Gives You Breadcrumbs Breadcrumbly Pumpkin Ravioli

Do you have days when you don’t feel like cooking? Even if you are a foodie/chef/a person obsessed with food/can’t think about anything else but food all day and night? Do you always have something fresh in the fridge to cook dinner with? Hhmmm. Well, I don’t. I know, I know, I have posted a […]

Warm Winter Herbal Tea Warm Winter Herbal Tea

Making fresh herbal tea feels so refreshing and healthy. No need to use a tea bag, but you can if you insist. I love to use lemon verbena which has a delicate lemony scent and flavor and is one of my favorite herbs. I grow it in a pot in the back yard. It “dies” […]

Eat Your Brussels Sprouts Garlic & Thyme Brussels Sprouts

I used to hate Brussels sprouts, but I have already told you everything about it in Try something new: Brussels sprouts. So, let’s assume that you have tried it – as I said, and liked it – as I knew you would, and pick up from there? For the past 3 years I’ve been making […]

Balsamic and Sweet Roasted Chicken Balsamic and Sweet Roasted Chicken

I love Giada De Laurentis’s idea of adding balsamic vinegar to chicken marinade (isn’t she pretty?). In her new cookbook “Giada’s kitchen”, she has a recipe for sweet and sticky chicken drumsticks using this vinegar. I liked the idea but I changed the recipe (quite a bit). I thought she put too much sugar and […]

Pumpkins Seeds Roasted With Curry Seasoning

Sarah, a mom I know from my son’s school, gave me a little bag with roasted fresh pumpkin seeds she baked at home. They were very very tasty. Pumpkin seeds make a nutritious and tasty snack, and have an extra oomph during the holidays. They make a good treat to serve to your holiday dinner […]

Thanksgiving-y Chicken Dinner Thanksgiving-y Chicken Dinner

Our friends, the M. family, cook chicken every Friday. What a great idea! I used to drive myself crazy thinking what to cook for dinner every Friday. We like to have a nice dinner to celebrate the end of the week and beginning of the weekend. So, I embraced their idea and was looking for […]

A simply delicious fall stew A simply delicious fall stew

As the temperatures drop down (sorry to bring this up), I feel that my energy levels go down too, and it makes me think of stew. But not just any stew. A stew that is easy to make, with good basic ingredients, a nice piece of meat that cooks fairly quickly, and an unfussy recipe. […]

Roasted Acorn squash Roasted Acorn squash

My husband went grocery shopping and came back home with this weird looking squash. I was amazed and surprised, I must admit, about this initiative. I still remember the days when he refused to eat vegetables, and until this day I still have to shove fruits down his throat. Like a little baby, he won’t […]

Brussels sprouts simplicity Roasted Brussels Sprouts

[donotprint] For many many years I hated Brussels sprouts. I didn’t want to hear about them or look at them. Not think about them eaither. But after a few Thanksgivings and Christmases, I started to have doubts. I thought that if this is a staple at the table during the holidays season, (you see it […]