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Lasagna lesson Classic lasagna

It’s been…… 4-5 years since the last time I made lasagna. So why all of a sudden did I make it now? Recently, my kid was on a mid-winter break from school and I had continuous exposure to The Garfield Show and that did it! (In case you don’t know, Garfield is a fat, lazy […]

Why do I try so hard? Noodles with cottage cheese

I try so hard to make food that everyone will like, especially the kids. Then one day, out of the blue, I recalled a noodles with cottage cheese dish that my grandma used to make for me when I was little. Out of sheer laziness I cooked that for my kids—I had no better plan […]

Mishmash pasta dishes Mishmash pasta dishes

I love mishmashed pasta dishes like this one. With Israeli couscous, bacon, artichokes, corn, mushrooms, fresh herbs, some lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil… What’s not to like? Or how about this one with kale, toasted pine nuts, a bit of cream, and parmesan? Simple. Clean. (Recipe here) I love to take my big skillet […]

The slugs, the beer, and the squirrel: Part 2 The slugs, the beer, and the squirrel: Part 2

No, no beer-braised squirrel in that pasta dish. Don’t worry. I told you about my snail, beer, and a beer stealing squirrel problem. And I have received some advice. Thanks! Crystal commented that what I have are slugs and not snails and suggested “A tried and true method I have used to make a beer […]

Baked gnocchi for the lazy ones Baked gnocchi for the lazy ones

Dinner time approached. I had no plan in mind. And so, I made dishes on the go, not being fully aware about what I was doing. I took a peek inside the fridge. There were some leftovers… Chicken meatballs… Grilled chicken breast… Broccoli – we didn’t eat that for a long time (we’re just not […]

Walnut-basil pesto Walnut-basil pesto

“… I did it myyyyyy waaaaay….” (And so did Sid. Proceed with caution.) Ok, I know what you’re thinking – or do I? – I’m not going to tell you anything you haven’t heard before. But maybe I will? It’s pesto. We’ve heard of and seen it a million times before. So what else is […]

A handsome couple Orzo and garbanzo beans

Once upon a time, in a land not far away, with a twist of a fork, two side dishes accidentally met on a plate. The first one, pasta, loved by all, orzo shaped, whimsical and a bit chewy, seasoned simply, and the second one, garbanzo beans, not as mainstream as pasta, a bit more serious […]

Something to remember Spaghetti with beef meatballs

Everyone says that spaghetti and meatballs in tomato sauce is a kid-friendly food. One of the ultimate favorites. Way up there in the top 10, maybe even top 5, on the kids’ food list. Well, at least that’s the theory. But in our household? Not so much. I always wondered why magazines/restaurants/cookbooks make that claim […]

Wild mushroom ravioli with kale and cream Wild mushroom ravioli with kale and cream

Sometimes unplanned dishes are the most delicious (Ooh, a rhyme!). And sometimes making pasta for dinner is actually an excuse to eat kale. Kale, chard, mustard greens, and all their green friends are new in our fridge, on our table, in our hearts, and now also in our backyard (more about it later). Those are […]

Israeli couscous with fresh veggies salad and… little thieves Israeli couscous with fresh veggies salad and… little thieves

An innocent and unsuspecting salad… but then… a little hand… Who could it be?

Spaghetti with Carbonara Spaghetti with Carbonara

My curiosity for restaurants started when I was in my early twenties. As soon as I started earning enough money and could afford eating out in good places. I had a good friend then, Avi, with a similar interest in food and together we explored the big city’s best bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. He was […]

Buttery, Cabbage that is Buttery Cabbage

  What do you call the 4th addition to a trilogy? Foursome? Quartet? Freelogy? I gave you Flaky and Creamy recipe… then we had Crunchy… and then Sweet and Smoky… and now this Buttery thing. Well, when you have half a cabbage left after a crunchy cabbage salad you will need a recipe for the […]

Pasta Bolognese Pasta Bolognese

But first, the winner of the Secret Stash Sea Salts giveaway is…. Deb! who wrote the largest number of comments.

Leftovers: Creamy Orecchiette with Roasted Vegetables, Chicken, and Leafy Greens Creamy Pasta with Roasted Vegetables, Chicken, and Leafy Greens

Whenever I manage to create a beautiful dish out of leftovers, I think about my grandmothers. Strong, hard working, stubborn and resourceful women (I got those genes), they could cook something great out of anything. (I got those genes too!) Back in the old days there was no such thing as throwing food away. I […]

Linguine with Shrimp Scampi Linguine with Shrimp Scampi

I love this dish with delicate lemon flavored pasta and beautiful orange colored shrimp sautéed in butter. Yum. This recipe makes a perfect weekday meal. It is so easy to make and you can have dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less. I think that I cook this meal every 4-6 weeks when […]

Sometimes Life Gives You Breadcrumbs Breadcrumbly Pumpkin Ravioli

Do you have days when you don’t feel like cooking? Even if you are a foodie/chef/a person obsessed with food/can’t think about anything else but food all day and night? Do you always have something fresh in the fridge to cook dinner with? Hhmmm. Well, I don’t. I know, I know, I have posted a […]

Sometimes it’s Pizza for Dinner Sometimes it’s Pizza for Dinner

Sometimes I get frustrated. Trying to do it all and having to compromise in everything that I do. I feel like I’m doing the best I can – which is not good enough to me – because I want to do everything perfectly. But in reality I find that I’m not giving enough attention to […]

Grilling in the Rain Balsamic Marinated Lamb with Tomato and Mint Orzo Salad

On the table tonight: Balsamic marinated lamb kebabs, Tomato and mint orzo salad, Hummus. I was planning to try a new recipe for dinner – North African Lamb Kebabs by Emeril Lagasse that has the following ingredients: (Tip: Read quickly. No need to memorize the list. Just get the general idea. Point to come.) 1 […]

Orzo salad Orzo salad

Orzo is pasta shaped like rice and is one of my favorite kinds of pasta. This salad is very easy and quick to make. It is colorful and delicious. It is festive enough to serve at a party or a holiday dinner. The recipe here is basic, but think of your favorite ingredients and play with […]