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Doughnuts Doughnuts

I LooooooooooooooOoooooooooooOOooooo…ve doughnuts! How about you? My favorites are yeast doughnuts—nothing beats those! But, with a lack of time and/or frequent special occasions, I opt for quick ones, a.k.a drop doughnuts. The kind you can prepare in 15 minutes or so: 5-10 minutes for the batter and 10 minutes for frying all the batches. Now […]

My first macarons, very forgiving My first macarons, very forgiving

It was Friday evening, during dinner, when I baked my first macarons. Only two days before all I knew about macarons was that they were tricky to make with many ways that I could fail, and that was enough to keep me from even trying. I never even read a macaron recipe before so I […]

Every home needs a cookie jar Dried cranberries and almond jumbles

I have said so many times before, I’m a cake person, not a cookie lday, and certainly not a pie woman. Or, at least I thought so… I’m sure there is a deep meaning to all of this. I never really put much thought into this matter but it feels like there’s a profound philosophical […]

My first time Madeleine cookies, virtually baked Madeleine cookies

Have you ever virtually baked with anyone?

Maple pecan cookies & Share Our Strength Maple pecan cookies

This is an easy, no mixer needed, mix by hand, kind of recipe, that I made in the speed of lighting with my 6 years old one evening for his dad’s birthday. We got home late and were in a big rush to bake some cookies in time before dad got home so we can […]

Figaro bars Figaro bars

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! I haven’t posted anything for more than a week… I missed you guys and I missed blogging. I got busy and out of focus as we planned a little Thanksgiving vacation to sunny California. We visited family and went to the beach which was a lot of fun. And […]

Chocolate-vanilla tea biscuits bars Chocolate-vanilla tea biscuits bars

This post has been sitting on my desk, actually on my computer screen, open for the past week. If it were on paper, I would have probably torn it to little pieces by now. I can’t even remember, what was the point I wanted to make in this post? In order to finish it, I […]

Resourceful Boykus - Savory cheese cookies

Every time I manage to create something delicious using leftovers, I think about my grandmas. Such resourceful women. They lived, worked, raised a family during such hard times, wars, depression, very little rights for women… and A LOT of hard work each and every day. I don’t think they ever went on a vacation. You […]

Chocolate hazelnuts cookies Chocolate hazelnuts cookies

I love out-of-focus photos. When I was a teenager, I loved taking photos on a diagonal. Go figure. But this blurry photo above does make the cookies look dreamy, doesn’t it?! Don’t they? Well, they are! I love love love hazelnuts. Do you? And hazelnuts with chocolate? Even better, right?! And what about hazelnuts with […]

Oatmeal pecan raisins cookies or Cookie #5 Raisin Pecan Oatmeal Cookies

Cookies are dangerous. Cookies are sneaky. Bad bad cookies. They are not like a cake where you usually eat one slice, or two if you really lose control but then you might feel guilty about that second helping. With cookies, you take one. then another one. then another… and just another last one… and, no […]

Cookie #4: Rugelach Cookie #4: Rugelach

I am a cake person. I have already confessed that (see when I posted about Cookie #1: Cowboy Cookies). I will always choose cake over a cookie. BUT when it comes to Rugelach… everything changes. I love lovve looooovvvvvvvvvve Rugelach. The flaky dough with cream cheese, which I don’t like to eat as is, but […]

Cookie #3: Jam Thumbprint Cookies Cookie #3: Jam Thumbprint Cookies

For cookie #3 The Husband chose Jam Thumbprint Cookies. I made these many times before. When I bake them the house smells so nice from the toasted coconut. Lovely. They are very easy to make and don’t need special equipment or ingredients. Also a wonderful recipe to bake with your kid/s, which I did. Jam […]

Cookie #2: NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookies Cookie #2: NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whoever it was to invent the digital camera, I love you. It’s not easy to photograph a cookie. I slaved and slaved for many hours trying to take a picture perfect image of the cookie/s. From 200+ pictures, I managed to narrow it down to 46, and then select the final 9, and then the […]

Cookie #1: Cowboy Cookies Cookie #1: Cowboy Cookies

I love cakes. My husband loves cookies. Every Friday I like to bake a cake for the weekend and so every Thursday I ask my husband what kind of cake he would like me to make. 99% of the time his answer is: “I want Cookie”. So, for his birthday I thought I’ll give him […]

Baking with kids: Chocolate-banana cookies Baking with kids: Chocolate-banana cookies

My son (5 years old) wrote a recipe. He did all by himself. I’m so proud and happy. That’s’ the recipe: Don’t try to read it, it is written in another language, but he also drew pictures of the ingredients and specified the quantities (some in cups, some in teaspoons, and some in “scoops”). That’s […]

Cookies for the weekend: White and dark chocolate chunk cookies - fun to do with kids Cookies for the weekend: White and dark chocolate chunk cookies - fun to do with kids

This was a fun and very easy project to do with my son (5 years old) on a Sunday afternoon.The recipe is from one of my favorite cookbooks “Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy”, and it is dedicate to my friend, Sharon, who checks my blog every day, and who told me that I inspire her […]