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New love. Financiers. Financiers

Allow me to tell you about a new love in my life. They are called financiers. From Wikipedia, “A financier is a small French cake… The financier is a light, moist teacake, similar to sponge cake, and usually contains almond flour… The basis of the cake itself is beurre noisette (brown butter), egg whites… Financiers […]

Awesome new cake Awesome new cake

Saturday? Yes. Snowy day? Yes. Cold outside and warm inside? Yes, yes. Coffee cake anyone? Oh, yes, please. With cocoa nibs? Yes. And cream cheese and crème fraiche? A-ha. Go grab the recipe for here.

Easy vanilla, banana, and cream birfday cake Easy vanilla, banana, and cream birfday cake

This cake is so old. It’s so old that if we had any leftovers they would have been covered with green fuzzy stuff by now. But luckily, there were no leftovers. I just got so busy with summer (Well, not really—it’s been mostly cloudy here this June.) and kids outta school… and swim lessons… and […]

Dirt cake, version 2.0 Dirt cake, version 2.0

I made dirt cake for the first time a few years ago when my son was 6 years old. I served it in beach buckets with shovels. It looked so real–—it was totally believable to be dirt–that my boy refused to try it even after he saw all of licking our fingers. This year the cake […]

No frosting No frosting

I love&hate frosting. Yes, frosting is sweet, and some can even make it tasty. But after eating 1/2 a cupcake I feel the sugar rushing and gushing in my veins. And after eating 3/4 of a cupcake I feel a sugar intoxication going through my bones and my brains. (And I think about diabetes too…) […]

Chocolate hazelnut lil’ cake/giant cookie Chocolate hazelnut lil’ cake/giant cookie

I’m not sure whether this cake should be filed under “small cake” or “big cookie”. I’ve seen people complain (about a similar cake, on other sites) that it is actually a big cookie. Well, the title did claim it was, well, cake… I guess that led them to develop some, you know, expectations. However and […]

Learning the art, and soul, of the pie Kate's apple pie

I have finally met her. The pie lady. I’ve heard so much about Kate McDermott’s Art of the Pie class in the past year. Some people call her “The pie lady”, some “The pie whisperer” but no matter what they call her, all of them love her and rave about her class, and her pies. […]

Orange yogurt cake and… too much SUGAR! Citrus yogurt cake

Today I’m going to preach to you. But I’ll keep is short, OK? It’s about sugar. Wa-aaay too much sugar. I confess, I never understood what’s the point in eating sugar as is. It might be called a “glaze” or a “syrup” or… whatever, but the bottom line is: it is pure sugar that people […]

The last summer cake Pluot Polenta Upside Down Cake

Last week I went grocery shopping. (How exciting is that?) I stopped by the plastic bags dispenser and grabbed two handful of bags, anticipating to fill up my cart with a bounty of fruits. To my surprise, there were no peaches, no nectarines, no plums, no pluots, no… no summer fruits in sight—No summer fruits! […]

Carrot cake in the sunset Carrot cake in the sunset

This was the perfect cake to take to the beach. *** I really have nothing else to add to that. I made H. go into the kitchen to bake a cake! With his mom! (The in-laws visited us.We haven’t seen them in a long, long time.) You know, to snoop around and learn her secrets… […]

Almond cake with blueberry compote Almond cake with blueberry compote

Oh My Goodness! The last time I posted a cake recipe was in April!!!! I love baking and I have to bake a cake for the weekend—no, no one is putting a gun to my head–or else I go bananas. Or nuts. I might have missed 2, or 3, or 4 Friday baking sessions in […]

Jam crostata; She’s a gem! Jam crostata

Why, why, oh why have I waited so long to make this? Goodness. First, basically, I gotta tell you, this is so unbelievably easy to make which is just like totally unbelievable. Like. Totally. Second, I love it! It’s like you basically make a dough, and like, em, smear jam on it, and sprinkle almonds […]

My fluffy Pavlova Vanilla Pavlova

[donotprint] A cloud of baked marshmallow-like egg whites with a lemon hint A fluffy pillow of whipped cream Juicy fruit, fresh mint I’m living in a dream Need I say more? Ok, I’ll say more. First, it’s the first time I’ve written a little poem for food, so that says something. Second, I promise you we […]

Easy maple nuts’ cake and challenging friends Easy maple nuts’ cake and challenging friends

I have a friend whom I love dearly. There were times when I wondered how we became friends, and stayed friends, because we are just so… different. I’m a planner, she’s spontaneous. I’m formal, she’s casual. I’m kinda strict, she’s more laid-back. I remember details, she doesn’t care much about that stuff. I love to […]

Honey vanilla pound cake Honey vanilla pound cake

Hey, you have noticed it’s been a while since I’ve posted a cake, right?! I’m really truly sorry about that. Cake means a lot to me. Cake is family and a home. I hope that by now it means a little to you too. If not a lot. Maybe it’s time to bring the cake […]

Pumpkin banana cream pie Pumpkin banana cream pie

As far as my memory goes back in time, I can count the times I baked with someone on one hand. I don’t get too many opportunities to bake together with family or friends besides my son (who sometimes quits before the process is complete) or an occasional guest. Baking means a lot to me. […]

Apple pie, and it feels like home Apple pie

A few years ago, or in December 1997 to be more specific, I was an M.A student, sharing a tiny two bedroom apartment with a roommate, working 2-4 temp jobs at a time, studying whenever I could (a.k.a when I did not work or party), and eating giant size salads for “linner” – I made […]

Chocolate-vanilla tea biscuits bars Chocolate-vanilla tea biscuits bars

This post has been sitting on my desk, actually on my computer screen, open for the past week. If it were on paper, I would have probably torn it to little pieces by now. I can’t even remember, what was the point I wanted to make in this post? In order to finish it, I […]

Triple coconut cream pie Triple coconut cream pie

Oh, man, it seems like ages since I made this pie even though I baked it right after our recent dinner at Dahlia Lounge. But what can one say about a pie when life is a roller coaster? Life Life has been challenging lately. I usually don’t resort to sweets or overeat to comfort myself although I […]

Happy birthday blog! Summer Berry Cheesecake

Each year, a few days before my birthday I start getting all excited and nervous, like a little girl, wanting to know what kind of surprises and presents are waiting for me (if any, I worry). I start nagging and trying to get any clue I can out of my husband and son. But they […]

banana nut bread, the best ever banana nut bread, the best ever

“Where is the photo of the banana bread?”, you might ask. And who is this person in the photo? (Photo was taken by my cousin). I told you in my recent “a happy place” post that my father gave me an envelope with letters from my childhood years. I read them but will need to […]

chocolate cake chocolate cake

Comfort food. That is what I need right now. Food that I don’t need to plan or think about too much. Food that doesn’t require instructions or a recipe. Food that everyone in the family loves. My favorite foods, since childhood, are breaded and fried chicken cutlets or  breaded and baked chicken drumsticks with mashed […]

Birthday dirt cake Birthday dirt cake

I had my eye on this cake for a few weeks now. I first saw it when Diana posted it on her blog in April. I knew then that I was going to make it as a surprise for my son on his birthday. I still looked around for other ideas and asked my Twitter […]

Fluffy coconut cake Fluffy coconut cake

Ok, time for a cake recipe. As promised. I made this cake 2 weeks ago!!!! But I got so much stuff to do every day that I just didn’t get to posting it. Do you have a crazy schedule with tons of things to do each and every day? I found a recipe for key […]

Hunger Action Week – Days 3-4-5 Pear Clafouti

So what else happened during days 3-5? My husband, L., is sure a happy camper this week… taking home-made food to work. I rarely cook lunch or breakfast. Our breakfasts are simple, mainly some bread, cheese, yogurt, fruit. If we have leftovers from last night’s dinner whoever wants them can have them for lunch. On […]

Lots of planning… and cakes Ricotta Bundt Cheesecake

I don’t know what to begin with. The usual Friday cake collection? Weekly meal plan? Next week’s Hunger Challenge? There’s so much going on…

Cake Collection #3 and Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake

1. In the photo above a Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake which I will tell you about in a minute. 2. I have the winner of the Cake Collection Giveaway way way down below at the end of the post. The winner gets a copy of Ray’s Boathouse cookbook (read more about the restaurant, the book, […]

Marjolaine Cake and Cake Collection #2 Marjolaine

  My friend L. stopped by my house yesterday morning for a chat and cup of coffee. We had a nice time but the minute I asked her if she would like to bake a cake with me she jumped on her feet and said she had to go…

Cake Collection #1 Cake Collection #1

  Good Friday everyone! I have launched “Cake Collection” with a Giveaway only on Wednesday, so I didn’t really expect to have anything to give you today. But, we are lucky because we got our first cakes. Yippie! I am Sooooooooo Super Excited!!!!!!!!!! Since this was a short notice (Wednesday to Friday), you can still […]

Confession and Cake Root Beer Bundt Cake

I have a confession to make. This is so embarrassing… ahemaham, I never drank root beer.  .  . Are you still there? And then I came across this recipe in the “baked” cookbook and it sounded so interesting. You know I am always looking for new cake recipes. So I had to ask the guy […]

Little (not red) Riding Hood, and Walnut cake Walnut cake

Today I felt a little bit like Little Red Riding Hood going through the forest with a basket full of goodies to bring to her dear grandma. Only my favorite color is green, I’m not so little, there was no big bad wolf in the forest (only some joggers), and the goodies were enjoyed by […]

Chocolate-Halva Babka Cake Chocolate-Halva Babka Cake

Whatever you call this cake, Babka, Brioche, Old-world cake, Crunch or is it Cruntz? Kruntz? Or even plainly Yeast cake, this cake is in my top 5 list of most favorite cakes. I love it so much that I want to show you all 50+ photos I took of it. Alas, the aroma of fresh […]

Oops, I did it again… Mini Cognac-Soaked Chocolate Cakes

Remember the cognac/whiskey-soaked chocolate cake? Well, my mother-in-law baked that cake and sent me photos. And then, I just had to make it again. I had to! However… since Valentine’s Day was approaching, I thought I’ll try to make it CUTE. Hmmm…

I Made a Mess, but It Tastes Good Chocolate Roulade – Birthday Cake Variation

… and I fixed it. Let me tell you what happened. When I have 14 egg whites in the freezer (leftover from recipes that use egg yolks), it means only one thing – it is time to bake a chocolate roulade.

Home-Made Cinnamon Ice Cream Home-Made Cinnamon Ice Cream

I love that when I bake a cake at home the aroma of the cake can be smelled from the garage when someone comes home. It can be smelled even from the street. Imagine this – an aroma of freshly baked cakes coming out of each house on your street. Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful? […]

A Cake For the Weekend: This One Is Not For the Kids (or young at heart) Whiskey-Soaked Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake

I’m in love with this cake. Can you tell? I think I already had 3 pieces today. And it’s only 8:26 pm… The night is young. Pphhh, forget about new-year’s-dieting- resolution. The first time I saw the recipe for this cake was a few weeks ago on Orangette blog, and then a few days ago […]

Cranberry Cake for the New Year Cranberry Cake for the New Year

I want to dedicate a cake to you. To celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. You deserve it. It has been tough lately. But it will get better, right?! It has to. I usually don’t fuss over a change of digit when a year ends, but this year […]

Babbo Modenese Crumbly Cake Babbo Modenese Crumbly Cake

This cake is amazing, and amazingly simple to make. It’s buttery, nutty, and… crumbly, of course. Perfect with a nice cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of sweet wine. The recipe was created back in 1999, when Babbo restaurant was still in its infancy. It became an instant hit and an all-time favorite. The […]

Apple, Cinnamon and Walnuts Cake Apple, Cinnamon and Walnuts Cake

I’ve been reading and browsing through The Book of New Israeli Food by Janna Gur lately. Oh, the food looks so amazing. I made a Chocolate and Halva yeast cake based on a recipe from this book (it’s so gorgeous and I’ll post about it soon). I can’t wait to make the Shawarma (meat marinated […]

Amazing strawberry shortcake Amazing strawberry shortcake

I have already mentioned that fall is here and winter is coming soon, right?! (Sorry about that). (Like you didn’t know…). The side effect of the weather change is that strawberries are going to disappear from the markets and stores pretty soon. Peaches and nectarines are already gone. So, a minute before they vanish until […]

Cake for the weekend: Black Forest Chocolate Roulade, and Leftovers: Egg whites Cake for the weekend: Black Forest Chocolate Roulade, and Leftovers: Egg whites

Do you have recipes that call for egg yolks only? Sometimes for 6-8 egg yolks (like Crème Brulee)? So what do you do with all those egg white leftovers? I’ll tell you. You freeze them. Freeze in a container and write the date. Not sure how long you can freeze them (I searched but couldn’t […]

Leftover bread turned into Bread pudding with spiced rum sauce for dessert Leftover bread turned into Bread pudding with spiced rum sauce for dessert

I love bread, especially artisanal bread. And they can be quite costly ranging $3-$5 each! So, when I have leftovers, which doesn’t happen often (because I like my bread toasted so it taste fresh and crunchy even after 4 days), it will break my heart to throw it in the trash (it’ll break my grandma’s […]

Jewish Cooking For Dummies cookbook Orange Hazelnut Honey Cake

In the spirit of the Jewish holidays, here is a cookbook where I, and you can too, find wonderful recipes which are easy to make, of course. Some of the recipes I have tried and liked are: Latkes, Oznei Haman/Hamantaschen, Haroset, Sufganiot, Blintz, Cheesecake, Noodle kugel with pears, Cholent, Tzimmes, Yemenite soup, the list goes on […]

Cool tools: Baking must-haves Cool tools: Baking must-haves

To my dear friends, family members, and readers who don’t bake, Having the tools in the photo below will make baking so much easier, and much more successful, oh, yes, and a lot of fun too. That is the secret to a good cake. Kids like to play with those tools too (see here). The […]

A cake for the weekend: Cocoa-Marzipan Pound Cake A cake for the weekend: Cocoa-Marzipan Pound Cake

The recipe is from the book “The Great Book of Chocolate” by David Lebovitz. I bought this book about 3 years ago while traveling in Napa Valley, CA. I treated myself to a week of cooking course at Napa Valley’s Culinary Institute of America. Oh, my my, what a culinary adventure it was. Then we […]

A cake for the Weekend: Rose Water and Orange Blossom Cheesecake A cake for the Weekend: Rose Water and Orange Blossom Cheesecake

A cheesecake is one of my favorite cakes. I have baked so many different recipes until I got bored. In this recipe I tried to make things more interesting by adding rose water and orange blossom water which I buy at a Mediterranean store. They are so fragrant and add a complex flavor the cake. […]

Sour Cream Coffee Cake Sour Cream Coffee Cake

I made this cake with my son (5 years old). It was easy and fun. Kids can measure ingredients, pour dry ingredients, sift the dry ingredients, crack the eggs, and make the streusel, turn the mixer on/off – they love that! – but you need to make the rules and explain about safety, stand next […]

Crostata with Summer Fruit Crostata with Summer Fruit

Summer fruit are so wonderful. They taste so good that I usually don’t like to do anything to them, just eat them fresh as they are. Or, the worst thing I’ll do to them is make a fruit salad. This crostata is an exception. The buttery and flaky dough makes it so much fun to […]

Cheesecake with streusel topping disaster Cheesecake with streusel topping disaster

The best cooking advice I can give you today is: always, and I mean ALWAYS, place your cake pan inside a sheet pan before you bake it. I love cheesecakes and I love a streusel topping. So I found a cookbook with a recipe that combines both. I was happy. Then… while I was making […]

A cake for the weekend: Blueberry crumb cake A cake for the weekend: Blueberry crumb cake

I love summer! Who doesn’t? And I love Summer fruit. And I love to bake a cake for the weekend. When I first started baking, a few years ago, it took me an hour to prepare a cake. Now it takes me 15-20 minutes. This cake, as the recipe says, took me 15 minutes to […]