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A treat (Kale chips) A treat (Kale chips)

Baked kale chips. I’ve seen them before on this blog and this blog and wanted to make them ever since. While I was on the Detox diet (now I’m on an elimination diet to try and figure out which food/s make my body crazy (more about that later) ) it was the perfect timing to […]

Artichoke dip Artichoke dip

This… Oh. My. Goodness. This is my first attempt at making artichoke dip. We LOVE artichokes but I mostly cook them like this—well, those are fresh artichokes ($3-$4 each, anyone?). However, this time the ones I had were the packaged frozen ones so I thought about a dip as the way to go. I always […]

Baked gnocchi for the lazy ones Baked gnocchi for the lazy ones

Dinner time approached. I had no plan in mind. And so, I made dishes on the go, not being fully aware about what I was doing. I took a peek inside the fridge. There were some leftovers… Chicken meatballs… Grilled chicken breast… Broccoli – we didn’t eat that for a long time (we’re just not […]

Italian soup’s tiny chicken meatballs, minus the soup Italian soup’s tiny chicken meatballs, minus the soup

I have already compared my glamorous suburban life to meatballs before. So what else is left to say? Do you like chicken? Do you like meatballs? Do you like cheese in your chicken meatballs? Oh, oh, I know, do you like a crusty bottom on your meatballs? ‘Cause these little guys have nice crusty bottoms, and […]

Hummus, my way Hummus

Sometimes the simple things in life are the trickiest ones to nail down. Not to discourage you, but you might think that by taking a no-cooking recipe with a few basic ingredients, whizzing them all together in a food processor, then voila, you’ll have hummus? Eh, no. It doesn’t quite work that way. Life’s simplest pleasures […]

Goat cheese two ways and a new cool giveaway Goat cheese two ways and a new cool giveaway

A few weeks ago we went on a little family vacation just before school started. Vacations with kids, you probably know (or can imagine), are a lot of fun, but can be very tiring. To minimize energy waste, we like to get a room with a small kitchenette or at least a (mini) fridge. Why? […]

Eggplants in fresh herbs marinade Eggplants in fresh herbs marinade

If you think you don’t like eggplants, think again. Or, at least, give it another try, OK? Recipe for one eggplant: 1 large eggplant, sliced to 1 – 1 ½ – inch slices Extra virgin olive oil (evoo) Salt Preheat oven broiler. Brush the eggplant slices lightly with evoo and sprinkle with salt, on both […]