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French things and giveaway winner French things and giveaway winner

I’ve been noticing French “things” in my vicinity lately. Pretty, tasty, tempting, and so alluringly French. It started with the little café at the market followed by Gauguin’s exhibition at the museum. Then at home, on the couch, on a Friday night, a cute movie with Juliette Binoche (French actress) and Steve Carell. Ah, Juliette, […]

La Tartine Gourmande cookbook giveaway, yay! La Tartine Gourmande cookbook giveaway, yay!

If you read my La Tartine Gourmande cookbook review you know how much I love this book. Well, guess what? (Are you guessing?) I asked the publisher, Roost Books if they would send me a copy to give to one lucky reader and they said yes! And they will ship it worldwide. And that reader […]

Every home needs a cookie jar Every home needs a cookie jar

I have said so many times before, I’m a cake person, not a cookie lday, and certainly not a pie woman. Or, at least I thought so… I’m sure there is a deep meaning to all of this. I never really put much thought into this matter but it feels like there’s a profound philosophical […]

Menu For Hope VI Menu For Hope VI

There are so many things I want to tell you about. There’s a Minestrone soup I want to share with you… A quick Hanukah fritters recipe… Orange Madeleine cookies… So much I’d like to tell you about… But right now, the most important thing is Menu For Hope. Menu for Hope is an annual fundraising […]

Goat cheese two ways and a new cool giveaway Goat cheese two ways and a new cool giveaway

A few weeks ago we went on a little family vacation just before school started. Vacations with kids, you probably know (or can imagine), are a lot of fun, but can be very tiring. To minimize energy waste, we like to get a room with a small kitchenette or at least a (mini) fridge. Why? […]

Happy birthday blog! Happy birthday blog!

Each year, a few days before my birthday I start getting all excited and nervous, like a little girl, wanting to know what kind of surprises and presents are waiting for me (if any, I worry). I start nagging and trying to get any clue I can out of my husband and son. But they […]

Not Becoming My Mother Not Becoming My Mother

I’ve got two signed copies of this book and am giving one away, hurray!

New book giveaway, "real food" New book giveaway, "real food"

A new book giveaway. “real food” by Nina Planck explains about traditional foods, you know, the ones our ancestors have been eating for 10,000 to 30,000 years, if not millions of years. The return to good old-fashioned food common sense. The book was given by Kim Ricketts who is organizing fabulous authors & book events. To […]

Ray’s Boathouse cookbook giveaway winner is… Ray’s Boathouse cookbook giveaway winner is…

I’ll tell you in a minute…

Cake Collection #3 and Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake Cake Collection #3 and Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake

1. In the photo above a Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cake which I will tell you about in a minute. 2. I have the winner of the Cake Collection Giveaway way way down below at the end of the post. The winner gets a copy of Ray’s Boathouse cookbook (read more about the restaurant, the book, […]

Giveaway news, there's a new one! Giveaway news, there's a new one!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii you, Well well well, I’m happy to announce a new giveaway. 1. I have a second copy of the fantastic Ray’s Boathouse cookbook (a famous restaurant in Seattle, read about it here) to give to a commentator. Starting today, March 18th, and ending April 5th, one copy of the cookbook will be given to a random […]

Pasta Bolognese Pasta Bolognese

But first, the winner of the Secret Stash Sea Salts giveaway is…. Deb! who wrote the largest number of comments.

Cake Collection #1 Cake Collection #1

  Good Friday everyone! I have launched “Cake Collection” with a Giveaway only on Wednesday, so I didn’t really expect to have anything to give you today. But, we are lucky because we got our first cakes. Yippie! I am Sooooooooo Super Excited!!!!!!!!!! Since this was a short notice (Wednesday to Friday), you can still […]

Launching "Cake Collection" with a Giveaway Launching "Cake Collection" with a Giveaway

Hi everyone, I am so excited to announce the launching of a new happening here on the blog, a “Cake Collection” event. To start with the right foot, I am also going to attach a giveaway to it. Starting now and ending 3/31, one lucky cake submitter will win a copy of Ray’s Boathouse cookbook. And […]

Ready, Set, GIVEAWAY Ready, Set, GIVEAWAY

Good morning my favorite blog readers! I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. And for a while now, I’ve been wanting to do something nice for you. Then, opportunity knocked on my door. A few weeks ago I participated in a food blogger’s event in Seattle arranged by the very sweet and energetic Keren […]