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Loving parents Loving parents

Allow me to be brutal for a second and tell you right away what you will never read on my blog; stories about how much my parents loved each other. This is probably why I sulked for four days after I read Lorna’s post about her parents, On Food, Love, and Family. Every time I […]

Food books I love Food books I love

I really did not plan to post a gift guide. But, as I was finalizing my own gift list, the who, the what, the when, and the why, I started thinking about books. How could I not? I love books. I’m always happy to receive a book as a gift. (Or something for the kitchen, […]

Food photography: useful links Food photography: useful links

Every now and then I run into a blog post with helpful tips abut food photography. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to read them, so I thought it’ll be a good idea to compile them in one place and when I have a moment There will be this one place where I can quickly […]

Hunger challenge – Budget, groceries, and menu Hunger challenge – Budget, groceries, and menu

I’m not writing about Weight Loss Weekly today since I’m going to post about the Hunger Action Week in the next 5 days. But do go and visit Bernie, Sunny, and Joie de vivre who are discussing this question: How do your family and friends support you or hinder you in your weight loss efforts? […]

Food Love Link or This Week's Meal Plan Food Love Link or This Week's Meal Plan

I follow many food blogs and plenty of times I find gorgeous food with beautiful photos that I really really want to try and make at home. For this week I picked a few recipes, the Husband went grocery shopping with the Kiddies, and we’re going to have… Organic Carrot Risotto from Foodie Tots Roasted […]