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Market day (or, how to make dinner in 5 minutes) Market day (or, how to make dinner in 5 minutes)

How does this sound to you: “No need to cook dinner today”? With tons of fruit and veggies, fresh bread, hummus and tahini, olives, honey, fresh tomatoes, corn (and so much more) that I bought at the market today, I don’t have to cook dinner. Hip-hip-hooray. It makes a perfect hot summer day dinner, don’t […]

Blueberry Hills farm, Manson, WA Blueberry Hills farm, Manson, WA

On our second day at Lake Chelan, we visited Blueberry Hills farm. For us, a family vacation is just incomplete without a visit to a farm. Especially a farm with a U-pick field! And especially when lil’ kids are involved. I was very much farm-deprived as a kid so I’ve got a lot of catching […]

Harvest Celebration Farm Tour 2009 Harvest Celebration Farm Tour 2009

It was a gorgeous winter day. Although it started gray and cold – welcome winter? – it turned into a sunny warm day with white clouds in the blue sky. What better way to shut off the constant buzz inside my head – can you hear it too? – than going out on a farms […]

Summer crazies Summer crazies

Oh, what a summer it has been. Quite stormy, I’d say. If you have been following my family stories, you know what I’m talking about… My father passed away 3 weeks ago after months of being very sick. I can’t still digest this fact and the only time I have to think about it is […]

With Respect to the Animals

I just watched a horrifying video a few hours ago showing the lives of animals raised on “farms”, from their birth to our table. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’d like you to visit my Good Food & Bad Food blog and read the post I wrote about it, “Can We Eat Like That […]

Green blackberries are red Green blackberries are red

Saturday was a lovely day, sunny and nice, and we visited The South 47 Farm in Woodinville. It is sooooo cool to live in the suburbs and have farms 15 minutes drive from your home! What a beautiful place, isn’t it?! Flower beds: and herbs… First we visited the animals, and fed them, of course. […]

Love-ly Heirloom tomatoes salad Love-ly Heirloom tomatoes salad

Eating heirloom tomatoes is a summer must-do thing. It is a real treat. I saw heirloom tomatoes at the grocery store this week. They were $5.99/lb. (Yep. Ouch.). But today we went to a farm that is located 15 minutes drive from our house – how cool is that?! – for $3.99/lb. Lesson learned: shopping […]

Farmed Tilapia eating what???

I have just returned from a vacation in BC, Canada, where I read this article in the local Globe and Mail newspaper.This is another example of how people play with nature, in this case feeding animals what they are not supposed to eat. The result is a food product that is not as healthy for […]

The Future of Food – the movie. The Future of Food – the movie.

I can’t sleep. My son woke me up at 4:43 am because he had a bad dream. I had a bad dream too. I really shouldn’t watch scary movies late at night. I didn’t plan to write about serious “things” on this blog. At first this movie did leave me speechless, but then my brain […]

U-pick farms U-pick farms

A fantastic and fun way to teach kids about food is to go to farms, and especially to U-pick farm where you can see how vegetables and fruits grow and you can pick them by yourself. This is the freshest produce ever! Here, in Bellevue, WA, a suburban city near Seattle, there are still a […]