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Cooking tips

Leafy greens cooking class recap Leafy greens cooking class recap

Another cooking class has come to an end. Today the focus was leafy greens – the most delicious and nutritious food you can eat if you’re not scared of green food. Well, I know a lot of people who will debate the goodness of an edible leaf but they are wrong. So wrong. Scaredy cats. […]

Better, dairy-free mashed potatoes Better, dairy-free mashed potatoes

When I found out that I’m sensitive to dairy (it gives me rashes, nose and throat feel like I’m about to catch a cold or a flu) I realized I could not have mashed potatoes. Oy. I felt the connection between eating/drinking dairy and my symptoms only after the 3 weeks of detox. In this […]

Fresh Fresh

Thinking about my recent trip to Israel, I realize that fresh and good food was so easy to find there, and at relatively inexpensive prices. The restaurant at the beach, the little falafel shop, the pastries at the grocery store at 10 PM, the street corner Shawarma place…  It was all good, fresh, and cheap. […]

Back to school: Lunchbox food safety Back to school: Lunchbox food safety

Read this article in Los Angeles Times: Back to school blech: Sack lunches too warm, study says Schools starts in 2 weeks…….. Or has it started already where you live?

Pita tip Pita tip

I don’t know about you—maybe you’re luckier than me—but where I live I can only buy pita that is dry and looks like cardboard. It’s nearly totally dead. However, we love pita, so I buy it. But then, of course, it’s almost inedible. It bears no resemblance to a fresh, pliable, and sweet smelling pita […]

Baking Baking

I love to bake. And this,   makes everything so much easier…

No frosting No frosting

I love&hate frosting. Yes, frosting is sweet, and some can even make it tasty. But after eating 1/2 a cupcake I feel the sugar rushing and gushing in my veins. And after eating 3/4 of a cupcake I feel a sugar intoxication going through my bones and my brains. (And I think about diabetes too…) […]

Boiling it down–Tips for making chicken stock Boiling it down–Tips for making chicken stock

A glorious blue morning*. The greyish-blue hue on the white blinds pulled me outside with camera in hand to capture this photo. Back in the kitchen, still wearing my PJ, I poured myself a cup of coffee and then filled a pot with water, enough to cover some chicken bones, leftovers from last night’s roasted […]

3 dinners in one, or 1 predictable dish = 3 meals! 3 dinners in one, or 1 predictable dish = 3 meals!

Some dishes, I think, are just too predictable, too obvious to even be mentioned to others—“Hey! Guess what I cooked today?”—and certainly they are not to be blogged about! Talk about roasted chicken. Or even braised chicken. They just seem to be too… (Fill in the blank), because I/we assume that everyone knows how to […]

Learning the art, and soul, of the pie Learning the art, and soul, of the pie

I have finally met her. The pie lady. I’ve heard so much about Kate McDermott’s Art of the Pie class in the past year. Some people call her “The pie lady”, some “The pie whisperer” but no matter what they call her, all of them love her and rave about her class, and her pies. […]

Mushroom quiche recipe Mushroom quiche recipe

OK, so we had a few distractions between the No-roll quiche crust post – because we visited Mount Rainier National Park, Blueberry Hills farm, and Lake Chelan – to the actual finished product, that is the mushroom quiche post. I’ll be honest with you… For me, making – and eating! – a mushroom quiche is […]

No-roll quiche crust No-roll quiche crust

You know me, I’m a risk taker. A.k.a I get lazy and bake gnocchi to see what will happen, instead of cook them in boiling water as people are supposed to do. To justify this sort of moves, I have developed a theory that all great inventors must have been lazy folks who just wanted […]

Sweet Blintzes Sweet Blintzes

Blintzes… I’ve been making them since high school. That’s… never mind how many years ago. I’ll be 40 in a few months! I hear the preparations for the celebrations are underway. (No pressure, Suburban cowboy.) Back in high school, I used to make a batch of these crepe-like yummies and take them with me to […]

Bacon mashed potatoes Bacon mashed potatoes

Bacon. Mashed potatoes. Need I say more? OK. Bacon! Mashed potatoes! Yum. End of story? Not really. I took you down memory lane with me a while ago when we discussed Poffertjes. Remember those? (If you have no idea what I’m talking about you must click on Poffertjes and Ebelskivers immediately.) Back in 1989 I […]

Invest in stock Invest in stock

We need to have a serious talk. To make it easier, I’ll start with the bottom line: “Any lousy chicken stock you will make at home will taste far superior to ANY store-bought stock or broth you will buy.” Now, let me tell you something. The last time I made chicken stock was about 3-4 […]

My first time Madeleine cookies, virtually baked My first time Madeleine cookies, virtually baked

Have you ever virtually baked with anyone?

How to bake Challa bread at home? How to bake Challa bread at home?

What’s the problem with baking bread at home? The fact that you cannot find fresh yeast at the store? No It’s difficult to make? No You don’t have flour in the pantry? No No time? Yes!

Apple pie, and it feels like home Apple pie, and it feels like home

A few years ago, or in December 1997 to be more specific, I was an M.A student, sharing a tiny two bedroom apartment with a roommate, working 2-4 temp jobs at a time, studying whenever I could (a.k.a when I did not work or party), and eating giant size salads for “linner” – I made […]

Wild mushroom ravioli with kale and cream Wild mushroom ravioli with kale and cream

Sometimes unplanned dishes are the most delicious (Ooh, a rhyme!). And sometimes making pasta for dinner is actually an excuse to eat kale. Kale, chard, mustard greens, and all their green friends are new in our fridge, on our table, in our hearts, and now also in our backyard (more about it later). Those are […]

Summer, food, choices Summer, food, choices

Things I love about summer… Dedicated to my friend Keren, the Frantic Foodie who is trying to do it all (she is getting SO much done! Amazing.) and all the mothers out there. I love you, Moms! taking a nap… curly hair… (OK, it has nothing to do with summer) water and everything in it […]

Mashed Potatoes with Cheesy Crunchy Topping Mashed Potatoes with Cheesy Crunchy Topping

Creamy mashed potatoes with tanned and crunchy and cheesy topping. A combination of all good things together in one dish. Doesn’t this make it the ultimate comfort side dish? I assume that you don’t really need a recipe for mashed potatoes, do you?! But I will share a few tips for making an even better […]

Cooking with Kids: “Feast Lesson” Cooking with Kids: “Feast Lesson”

Once a week I take my son, who is 5 years old, to do the grocery shopping with me. It’s a lot of fun (but wasn’t always like that). I love to see how his interest and excitement about food grows and grows. This of course, doesn’t mean that he is not a picky eater. […]

Sometimes it’s Pizza for Dinner Sometimes it’s Pizza for Dinner

Sometimes I get frustrated. Trying to do it all and having to compromise in everything that I do. I feel like I’m doing the best I can – which is not good enough to me – because I want to do everything perfectly. But in reality I find that I’m not giving enough attention to […]

Baking with kids: Chocolate-banana cookies, recreating the magic – Part I Baking with kids: Chocolate-banana cookies, recreating the magic – Part I

A while ago I bragged about how my son, who is 5 years old, wrote a recipe for Chocolate-banana cookies. A recipe! From scratch! All by himself! And no one asked him too. He made mommy, that’s me, very proud, of course. That was in September (2008) and I have finally found the time to […]

Tips for Pan-Frying Tips for Pan-Frying

* I use canola oil and extra virgin olive oil (evoo) together for pan-frying. Canola oil for the higher cooking temperature (burnt oil is not a good thing) and evoo for the flavor. * When frying, the food needs only to visit the oil for a short while, not move in together. You don’t want […]

Work & Cook: How to cook a dinner party for 6+5+2 on a conference day? Work & Cook: How to cook a dinner party for 6+5+2 on a conference day?

A week ago I invited friends to come over for dinner on Saturday. A few days later I found out there is a going to be a bloggers’ conference that day. Hmmm, what to do? I want to see my friends. I want to go to the conference. How can I have a cake and […]

Cool tools: Baking must-haves Cool tools: Baking must-haves

To my dear friends, family members, and readers who don’t bake, Having the tools in the photo below will make baking so much easier, and much more successful, oh, yes, and a lot of fun too. That is the secret to a good cake. Kids like to play with those tools too (see here). The […]

Cool tool: Tea infuser Cool tool: Tea infuser

Definition of tea infuser in Wikipedia:A tea infuser is a device in which loose tea leaves are placed for brewing. The infuser is placed in a cup or pot of hot or boiling water, allowing the tea to brew without loose tea leaves spilling into the pot or cup. A rod or chain is commonly […]

Cheesecake with streusel topping disaster Cheesecake with streusel topping disaster

The best cooking advice I can give you today is: always, and I mean ALWAYS, place your cake pan inside a sheet pan before you bake it. I love cheesecakes and I love a streusel topping. So I found a cookbook with a recipe that combines both. I was happy. Then… while I was making […]

Backyard Vegetable Garden Backyard Vegetable Garden

An essential part of teaching children about food is educating them about where food comes from. Visiting farms and U-pick farms is a terrific experience and an excellent opportunity to show them how food grows and where it comes from. Growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs in your own back and/or front yard makes a wonderful […]

You asked for it

Thank you to all the people who attended the session I gave at Planet Kids Bellevue tonight “Beyond Mac & Cheese – Learn to cook a home-made Family-Friendly Dinner every day”! You asked me about the following: Cooking schools: I forgot to mention that I offer private one-on-one, or small group, cooking classes, done at […]