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Bite size

Snack Snack

In season. Organic apricots. Their season is short. Grab them while you can.

Quick lunch Quick lunch

I am crazy busy promoting this theater play (for tickets http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/248853) … but I wanted to give you something quick and delicious to make for lunch. It might not look like much. It might not look like something filling. But it is both. Rice and lentils, or some sort of downsized Mujadara in this case, […]

Only tea for me Only tea for me

On Saturday we went to a concert. The venue served delicious Asian food, mainly Thai food, I think, and cocktails and… And I had tea. We usually go to dinner before a concert/show/movie. You know, to extend the date night by an hour or two. Leave the house while the kids are awake, return when […]

French things and giveaway winner French things and giveaway winner

I’ve been noticing French “things” in my vicinity lately. Pretty, tasty, tempting, and so alluringly French. It started with the little café at the market followed by Gauguin’s exhibition at the museum. Then at home, on the couch, on a Friday night, a cute movie with Juliette Binoche (French actress) and Steve Carell. Ah, Juliette, […]

Being a kid Being a kid

Do you miss it sometimes?  

7 a.m. 7 a.m.

I suppose this is the reward for those who wake up when the alarm clock rings. And we had this sky 2 morning later, I had to share.

Happy birthday to someone I love Happy birthday to someone I love

The recipe is fairly easy to make. 3 thin layers of cake (OK, you do need 3 pans!) and whipped cream between the layers, ganache on top and a few hours later…. ta-da. This recipe on Bon Appetit site is 90% similar to the one I made from their cookbook “Desserts”. Note: I made 1/2 […]

Home-made creamy vanilla popsicles Home-made creamy vanilla popsicles

There’s a weather forecast promising 10 days of sunny skies and temperatures in the 80 +/- degrees Fahrenheit, so all of you people who talk about the end of summer… just quit it, you hear me? On the other hand, if you haven’t made any popsicles at home yet, go do it soon ‘cause in […]

Shopping, Whidbey Island, WA Shopping, Whidbey Island, WA

MAN BENCH Relax… Leave your wallet inside and we’ll take care of the rest!

Shopping, Orcas Island, WA Shopping, Orcas Island, WA
Kids cookbooks, only for girls? Kids cookbooks, only for girls?

There’s so much I have to say about this: In short, it makes me a little angry. And somewhat frustrated, as a person, as a woman, and as a mother to a boy and a girl. I was merely looking for a cookbook for my boy, you know, so he will have one of his […]

Baking Baking

I love to bake. And this,   makes everything so much easier…

No frosting No frosting

I love&hate frosting. Yes, frosting is sweet, and some can even make it tasty. But after eating 1/2 a cupcake I feel the sugar rushing and gushing in my veins. And after eating 3/4 of a cupcake I feel a sugar intoxication going through my bones and my brains. (And I think about diabetes too…) […]

Letting go Letting go

Sometimes I have to force myself to look the other way. And not try to fix everything. Micro-manage. Be perfect. … OK, I think I better fix this now.

What life really looks like What life really looks like

One might try to take a pretty, perfect, photo of a cake—chocolate hazelnut! (Coming next.) But behind the scene, this is really what life looks like… Well, in any case, this is how mine looks like… ***

In the New York Times. Again. In the New York Times. Again.

Yeah… I know… I can really get used to this. After being selected at the top 20 potluck recips with my top secret seasonal salad, I submitted my farina porridge mess to Reader Photos: What the Kids Want to Eat. Click here to see it in the NYT. Click here to grab my recipe for […]

Just a reminder Just a reminder

… of another yummy “cake” to make this summer. (And I’m writing “yummy” ‘cos I’m in a hurry–can you tell?!) Only thing, in this hot weather the buttery dough melts when you work it, so if it happens to you too, pop it back in the fridge to chill a bit and continue—don’t let it […]

In the meantime… In the meantime…

I just can’t seem to find the time to blog lately… So, in the meantime… I give you this… It’s fresh. From Saturday. A Saturday sunset.

Bite size: How much does junk food really cost? Bite size: How much does junk food really cost?

We spent 2 days in Seattle during Memorial Day weekend and got to eat out 4 times. Back home, I went grocery shopping for ingredients to make dinner. Then, later I went through the receipts from grocery store and the restaurants where we ate. Then I had a little math exercise going in my mind… […]

Bite size: Homemakers Bite size: Homemakers

A friend called me the other day. She said, “My little girl asked me this morning, why do I stay at home when everyone else has to go to school or work. I didn’t know what to say to her.” “What did you say to her?”, I asked. “I said nothing. What do you answer […]

Bite size: Mothers and daughters Bite size: Mothers and daughters

Today’s bite, oh, such a heavy topic. But a topic that fascinates me. And a universal one, I’m sure. Here’s something I wish I read 15 years ago. It’s from a book a good friend recommended called “My Mother, My Self” by Nancy Friday. I’m only on page 17 but there are two pieces I’d […]

Bite size: The little voice Bite size: The little voice

Have you ever tried to do a “thing” but heard so many discouraging messages that it took all the wind out of you, so that when some people do encourage you, you can’t even hear it? It’s a long and clumsy question but I don’t feel a need to be sharp right now. In any […]

Bite size Bite size

People are fascinating. Relationships are fascinating. However, writing about them when things are less than jolly can be exhausting. But I know, every person has a story. When I tell mine, the listener usually opens up and shares with me his or her story. It is always an amazing experience. But when I try to […]