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People have interesting reactions to the words “vegan” or “raw diet”. They get a tic or a twitch when they hear it. They dismiss it. They object to it. But mostly I detect their disbelief that vegans or raw dieters enjoy great-tasting food.

I admit that I had the same reactions to these words in the past. However, now that I define myself as a gluten-free vegan who is most likely soy-intolerant and eat cooked chicken and fish and less frequently red meat but not diary or eggs, I can testify from my own experience that vegan and raw food taste awesome!

Although “vegan” and “raw” are not interchangeable, and you, dear reader, might be a hard-core carnivore, addict cheese-lover, or whatever, how about we call it what it is: “fresh food”? It’s the common factor in all diets and ways of eating. (As it should be!)




The way nature intended it to be.

Everyone loves “fresh” when it comes to food, right? (If you don’t like fresh food, raise your hand!)

So never mind the words and definitions. Go make a salad instead.

Throw some nuts and fruits in there and dress it lightly.

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