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How does this sound to you: “No need to cook dinner today”?

With tons of fruit and veggies, fresh bread, hummus and tahini, olives, honey, fresh tomatoes, corn (and so much more) that I bought at the market today, I don’t have to cook dinner. Hip-hip-hooray.

It makes a perfect hot summer day dinner, don’t you think?

And this was by far The Best corn I have had since last summer. Yellow, organic, so fresh and crunchy. I adore it! 2 for $1.

I wish there was a farmer’s market today as well so I could go and get many, many more cobs of corn.


Forget about the mealy corn you get at the grocery store. Especially if it’s not organic, then it means it is GENETICALLY-MODIFIED CORN, blech.

Nothing beats fresh fruit that has been picked only 1-3 days ago. Yesterday at the market, one of the vendors asked me “do you want your melon ready to eat today or tomorrow?” I thought I need to clean my ears. Oh my, how often do you hear THAT question????


Go to the market, (actually, run) if you have one close enough to your home.

Enjoy summer’s tree-ripened, local and full of life-giving nutrients fruit and vegs as much as you can.

And while you’re at it, support the local (organic) farmers.

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