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I have recently become gluten-free and dairy-free after I found out I’m sensitive to them. In retrospect I now suspect that some time down the road I developed this sensitivity and it made me get all swollen and puffy in my body and face, gain weight, get rashes, wake up with stiff muscles and neck, joints pain, a runny nose, and the scariest, receiving blood tests results that pointed high values that showed signs of inflammation.

All the doctors I’ve seen in the past 2 years failed to point out that a change in diet might solve these problems. Luckily, under the hands of a good nutritionist and a naturopath who guided me through the Detox program I am now doing SO much better! A new person almost.

Having to choose between bread and cheese or my health, the choice was easy. However, living by it, wasn’t as easy. It took about 6-7 weeks to adjust and not feel deprived of these foods that I loved so much.

I don’t look for substitutes anymore. I don’t need bread, I don’t need pasta, I don’t crave cheese, and I drink my 2-3 coffees per week (it used to be 4-5 per day) with almond or coconut milk.

I am telling whoever is willing to listen about how nutrient-rich food can make them healthier and even slimmer! So I started teaching cooking classes.

This week I had a tortilla making class at my house. I was all fresh, delicious Mexican food, Mostly organic, and mostly vegan. I didn’t point out it was “vegan” ’cause some people freak out when they hear this word Smile but besides a little piece of fish, that’s what it was and that’s how I mostly eat now. Summer is definitely a good season to be mostly vegan with all the bounty of fruit that’s out there right now.

I eat tons of fruit every day. It’s interesting to hear people’s concern about the sugar in fruit when in fact they are unaware how much sugar they are pumping into their bodies everyday in other, less nutritional ways (bread, pasta, doughnuts, pizza, in coffee, muffins, and in coffee… anyone?)

The cooking classes are so much fun and always end with a feast:

Tomato salsa (also called pico de gallo or salsa fresca)




Beans for bean dip


Making dough for the tortillas, using 2 different masa

Everyone preferred Bob’s Red Mill











Wild cod


And then we eat





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