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I make fruit salad every morning.

Usually, a bowl full of fruit makes my little ones’ bellies full and they don’t need anything else besides drinking a glass of coconut/almond milk (water is good too!) next to it.

We used to eat bread, cheese, yogurt, deli meat… I have always restricted boxed cereals, a.k.a. breakfast junk food , to Fridays only—it’s my day off.

Some people told me “But, I don’t have time to make fruit salad in the morning”.

Well… I promise you, it takes less time then making toast, waffles, pancakes, or scrambled eggs. (Sure, pouring cereal from a box takes less time but we’re talking a different league here, right?)


Personally, I’m having a hard time eating breakfast so drinking a fruit shake solves this problem. This shake is like medicine to me—my healing shake.

Hurry up, try to make this little change in your breakfast before summer ends and all the fruit are gone!!!

Cheers to a healthy life!


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