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Back in April I sat here and whined to you about not being allowed to drink coffee on the Detox diet.

It took me about 3 weeks to get off the physical addiction to coffee, but it took longer than that to stop thinking about coffee day and night and craving it so badly.

Of course I denied I was addicted to coffee back then.

I now drink coffee again, but rarely. From 4 (sometimes even 5) drinks per day to about 2-3 a week.

And I now use almond milk and no sugar! Who’d have thunk???

But most of all, I love to drink…. water. And a fresh fruit and veggie shake.

I discovered since May that I am sensitive/intolerant to dairy. So, no milk. And no eggs. And no wheat.

And, to be honest, at first it depressed me, but now I don’t care much. I will tell you why in a sec.

Back to coffee, about a month ago I saw a rheumatologist. My doctors thought I might have an auto-immune disease, or that I’m on the verge of having one.

I was surprised to read in the doctor’s questionnaire these questions about coffee: “Do you drink coffee?“ and “How often do you drink coffee?” Same as they ask about alcohol and cigarettes!

I learn from that/suspect this means that coffee is as bad as alcohol and cigarettes?

Wow, tell that to our coffee drinking nation.


Now, why don’t I care about not being able to eat wheat, eggs, and dairy?

First, because I feel so much better than I have in longer that I can remember!

Second, a a bonus, I lost about 15 lbs. and back to wearing size 8! The last time I wore a size 8 was 10 years ago!

But most of all, I feel physiologically and mentally so much better. Much calmer and happier.

They say kids suffer from all kinds of behavioral problems because of the junk food.

I ate well, and I’m an adult. I never thought the way I ate could affect my behavior so much! But I found out that IT DID!

Talk about how food can affect your mind, not just your body! It’s amazing!!!!

(Lot’s of !!!! today – sorry.)

No doctor I’ve seen in the past 2 years mentioned a nutritional change! No doctor thought that maybe food might cause health problems.

If you suffer from continuous health issues, feel tired all the time, or irritated and edgy, or if you are overweight, I warmly recommend that you see a (good) nutritionist. And, tell your family and friends about it!

This experience has changed my life. Only for the better.

I don’t care that I can’t eat all sorts of things. I focus on the bounty that I can eat. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and many other things which I will share with you, one post at a time Smile


About the shake:

In this post, I want to share with you my morning/all-day shake.

When I first started with the shake, I used mostly fruits. I wanted it to be sweet.

But as time went by I got more courageous and started using kale, spinach, arugula, lettuce!

I love it even more.

Next, I’m going to start adding herbs like mint, lemon verbena, etc. to make it even brighter.

I think my palate changed since I changed the way I eat. It’s cleaner, more focused.

I start my day with a tall glass of shake and take the rest with me in a thermos that keeps it cold for hours when I am on the go.

And I am definitely on the go!

I find myself running up stairs. Running!

I have lots and lots of energy.

People say my skin looks clean and glowing. How fun is that to hear?

I am thinking of teaching cooking classes to be able to pass on to others the things I’ve learned.

I hope you stick around to find out more about how food can make you sick and how food can make you healthier and happier.


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