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When I found out that I’m sensitive to dairy (it gives me rashes, nose and throat feel like I’m about to catch a cold or a flu) I realized I could not have mashed potatoes. Oy.

I felt the connection between eating/drinking dairy and my symptoms only after the 3 weeks of detox.

In this book that I’m now reading called “Eat to Live”, Dr. Fuhrman talks about how some people might choose to eat food that makes them sick and take medication and go through medical procedures but not change the way they eat.

I can relate. It’s hard to change habits. It’s hard to give up on all those tasty foods and treats around us: ice creams, coffee, wine, beer, cakes, cookies, chips, burgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, fried food, cheese, deli meat………………… All these foods are indeed delicious. I wish I /we could all eat those things and be healthy and thin.

But it looks like most of us can’t. Yours truly included.

I decided to cut back on dairy, with rare tastings of cheeses. It’s hard not to have some, especially when I’m at friends houses and they place the cheese plate right under my nose, or when I get delayed at the cheese section at the grocery store…. But I’m working on it!

Choosing health over food is key. In the difficult moments it was the weight loss that encouraged me to continue.

Anywhooo, since I found out about the dairy sensitivity/intolerance, it kept me from eating mashed potatoes.

I used to pamper my mashed potatoes with butter and milk, and sometimes cheese or sour cream so I didn’t know what to use instead.

Then, one day, I thought…. extra virgin olive oil.

But still, I didn’t want to pour all that amount of oil into the potatoes since oil turns into body fat.

So… what to do?

Then, I noticed the beautiful juices from the roasted chicken I just baked and had my Ah-a moment!

So, in this pot above you see mashed potatoes with some evoo and the yummy juices from the roasted chicken all mixed together.

It was awesome!

Better than butter.



1. Before adding the chicken juices to the potatoes, de-fat them by pouring into a tall glass, let the fat float to the top, toss the fat away, use the juice/jus. (In this glass I got this much fat from roasting chicken bones to make Chicken stock. Don’t use the store-bought stuff. It’s not worth your money.)

2. For more tips about making better mashed potatoes, check out this old post.

3. In this book, Eat to Live, the author also says that potatoes are actually very low in nutrients. Therefore, another change I made in my cooking is to cook other vegetables to serve as a side and not mainly mashed potatoes mashed potatoes mashed potatoes mashed potatoes, or potatoes salad, etc.

Have you noticed how ALL restaurants serve mashed potatoes as a side dish, not to mention fries… It’s time to learn to make new side dishes.

Cheers to health!

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