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I am crazy busy promoting this theater play (for tickets Smile http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/248853) … but I wanted to give you something quick and delicious to make for lunch.

It might not look like much.

It might not look like something filling.

But it is both.

Rice and lentils, or some sort of downsized Mujadara in this case, make hearty dish that kept me satiated for a few hours.

My diet doesn’t allow it, but if you can, add some yogurt, or spiced yogurt is even better.


In this bowl:

onion and garlic, quickly sautéed in extra virgin olive oil + a bit salt and pepper

brown rice (I use store-bought cooked and frozen. Thawed in the microwave)

cooked lentil (Cook lentils in water that has boiled with some salt for 15-30 minutes over simmering water. Time depends on the type of lentils.)

When onion if fried to your liking, add rice and lentils and warm it all together.

Add chopped mint and lemon juice.


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