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I remember this night about a year ago, having dinner in one of my favorite restaurants in Capitol Hill. I remember the exact table where we sat, my husband and I, on a date night, while we were examining the menu and planning our meal. Everything sounded tasty and good.

We wanted to try almost everything but narrowed it down to 5 dishes, saving some room for 2 desserts, that we wanted to share. (That specific restaurants has a choice of small/large plates, the large ones are not necessarily very large). We also drank wine and left room for an espresso to finish.

I remember the thought that crossed my mind while we were contemplating what to order, “This is too much partying. I’m going to pay for this some day.”

Well, payment or not payment, I am now trying to find out what’s causing the rashes and itchiness and eating out is nearly out of the question.

Right now it seems that different things might be the cause (I’m still having a hard time separating and checking them one at a time—everything is mixed up.) Eggs, dairy, and wheat. I haven’t tried soy yet. (It’s easier not to consume soy compared to the other three.) Coffee, wine, chocolate? Canned, cured, or grilled food?

Since I’ve had my fair share of dining out in restaurants, I’m not complaining, however eating out is challenging. Everything has 2 or more of the those ingredients. I was never aware before how eggs, wheat, and dairy became an inseparable part of lunch and dinner.

At home, I am learning a new style of cooking. Eating lots of fruit, more veggies, raw and cooked, using less oil… I can use brown rice pasta or noodles in my pasta recipes, but of course there are no more quiches at the moment…


In this bowl:

Brown rice pasta
3-4 oz. sautéed chicken breast
steamed asparagus
steamed broccoli
fried onion and garlic
salt, pepper

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