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Edan Raichel

On Saturday we went to a concert. The venue served delicious Asian food, mainly Thai food, I think, and cocktails and… And I had tea.

We usually go to dinner before a concert/show/movie. You know, to extend the date night by an hour or two. Leave the house while the kids are awake, return when they are asleep, skip the nightly bedtime routine.

This time we watched a concert and had tea.

I never wanted to be the lady sitting in front of a glass of water and lettuce salad in a restaurant.

I wanted to be the woman who eats whatever she wants. I managed to pull it off so far.

Surprisingly, I found it relieving, even liberating, that I did not “have to” order food at 9 PM. I was happy with my tea, it was herbal and fragrant and didn’t need sugar.

Sure, I admit it, a glass of wine or a beer would have been nicer than tea. But not being “allowed” to eat the food or drink alcohol set me free to focus on what I felt, not hungry and not particularly needing alcohol or a sweet cocktail.

11 days of the hardest part of the Detox are now behind me. Now I can add fish, some beans, and chicken to the list of foods I’m allowed to eat.

10 more days to go.

I can do it.

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