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I feel elated. I made this concert happen!

It was so much fun to be present at sound check time—a producer’s prize.


Never in my life had I thought that one day *I* will produce a concert!


But opportunity knocked and I took a chance.

And it was AWESOME. These two—Aya Korem and Adam ben Amitai—are extremely talented.


And super-nice people.


Here’s one of Aya’s songs—one of my favorites:



And here’s one of Adam’s songs—A very popular one (It has been watched over 268,000 times on YouTube):

And here are some matzo balls for you, if you celebrate Passover.

Forgive me for re-using an old recipe, however the photo is fairly brand new… We don’t wait for Passover to make it. My son is crazy about this soup and keeps asking for it every few weeks.

The “secret” recipe is here.

Matzo balls_S_33

And here’s the dessert I’m going to make for the holiday dinner.

(Again, sorry for “recycling” this old thing) It became a tradition to make a Pavlova for Passover. Here’s the recipe.


Happy Passover and Easter to you all!


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