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I have never in my life planned to produce a concert.
But that’s exactly what I have been doing in the past 3 weeks.
For the first time in my life, I had/have 1 month to produce a show.
Lots of butterflies in my belly.
Lots of nights I wake up at 3 AM and think till dawn and then jump out of bad to get to work, but not out of anxiety.
Surprisingly, I am hardly stressed at all. I love every second of it.
I’ll tell you more about it soon.
In the meantime, here’s the flyer with the details. Followed by a few songs—you gotta listen to those!
More about the singer in this interview, click here.
I hope to see you there.
For tickets:
San Francisco, 3/29:

Seattle, 3/31:
Aya Korem Promo

The talented young
Israeli musician in a
SF south-bay show

In 2006, released her debut album, “Aya Korem”. The album reached gold and Korem was voted “female artist of the year”.In 2008 came out her second album, “Safa Zara” (“Forgein Language”). a More mature and complex album, that established her as one of Israel’s top singer-songwriters.In june, 2011, her third, “Lealef et hasusim” (“Taming the Stallions”), came out. An independent, self produced album (Korem walked out on her label at 2009) and now is considered, unanimously, by the critics, her best so far, and one of the best pop albums of the recent years in Israel.
San Francisco South Bay – Thursday, March 29

Seattle – Saturday March 31
San Francisco:



Got to go now Smile Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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