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Don’t I wish.

But I can pretend.

Use my imagination.

The grey sky and rainy, chilly day sure help.

And sitting in a little café where the walls are the color of Dijon mustard does too.


Where the menu is written (mostly) in French—jambon, maison, saucisson, plate du jour…


Avec l’atmosphère différente

Where the waitresses have a not-from-here-accent

IMG_1111 IMG_1113

And the coffee is perfectly smooth (no need to add sugar) with a milky foam on top

(As soft as whipped cream)


It’s warm and cozy and lively inside

But every time someone opens the door a chilly brrrr-eeze blows the napkin from my lap


A house-made, hot right out of the oven quiche with leeks and roasted tomatoes—the filling so fluffy, how do they do that?—that sells out in 10 minutes, warms me up


As does the view of a hot skillet with salt cod, potatoes, and cream sauce


Or a perfect paté



It starts to feel as if it’s not only pretend

I’m in Paris


When we take a brisk walk in downtown grey


On our way to the musée to see l’exposition de Gauguin

(No photos allowed inside)


Just like it was in Paris, 15 years ago—I will never forget.

(Back then I had a un chapeau rouge (red hat), now a coat)

A morning that started with café au lait and fresh, made that morning, croissant, followed by a visit to Musée d’Orsay on a gray September day

All I have to do is wait a few years until the kids grow up enough to appreciate a trip to Paris…

Kids! Grow up!

In the meantime, I dream.
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