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The recipe is fairly easy to make. 3 thin layers of cake (OK, you do need 3 pans!) and whipped cream between the layers, ganache on top and a few hours later…. ta-da.

This recipe on Bon Appetit site is 90% similar to the one I made from their cookbook “Desserts”.

Note: I made 1/2 the amount of the ganache. I think it’s enough.

Now waiting for the birthday boy to come home. Ciao for now.

An update: Sooooooooooo, we cut the cake, and had a taste. It’s your basic chocolate-vanilla cake which is OK and lots of people love it just so. I thought it tasted like a Black forest cake minus all the special flavor. In my opinion, to be worth repeating, the cake needs a splash of some liquer, or a layer of jam, or coffee… something to boost the flavor factor up.

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