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I couldn’t resist I couldn’t resist

I couldn’t resist buying this cereal for my kids. (I have already complained about kids’ breakfast cereal before.) After all, we were on vacation—a time to indulge and splurge. My son reports it’s called Fruity Pebbles. On their web site it says “Fruity Pebbles is a wholesome, sweetened rice cereal. It is low in fat, […]

Home-made creamy vanilla popsicles Home-made creamy vanilla popsicles

There’s a weather forecast promising 10 days of sunny skies and temperatures in the 80 +/- degrees Fahrenheit, so all of you people who talk about the end of summer… just quit it, you hear me? On the other hand, if you haven’t made any popsicles at home yet, go do it soon ‘cause in […]