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Sorry for not being around much lately. With summer and all, you know, I’ve been away doing other stuff. Well, summer only lasts here about 2 months! Only!

When I moved here 10 years ago people would say “Let’s meet for coffee” and when I’d say “OK, when?” and open my calendar (It was in paper, no iPhones back then) they would reply “Ahhh…sometimes in September or October.”

I thought they were kidding me back then, but now I get it. With such a short summer, no one wants to do things they can do later in the year in the summer. Meet for coffee? We can do this during winter.

Seattle summer is a time to be outside, outdoors, out there. Unless you are sitting in your warm-to-hot car defrosting your bones.

But I just had to stop by for a quick post and tell you about this book that my friend Keren wrote—I’m very proud of her!—because you might be traveling to Seattle, or maybe you are a local but still, in this book, you will discover many food places that you have never heard of before. You might need this book.

Keren covered every place: restaurant, lounge, bar, coffee shop, food truck, specialty food store, market, events, etc, worth mentioning in her book. She has done an extremely thorough job.

I’ve been living and eating here for 10 years and I haven’t heard about many of the places in the book.

It’s a small and lightweight and you can carry it in your purse and check mark every place you went to.

Get a copy: Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle: Best Local Specialties, Markets, Recipes, Restaurants & Events by Keren Brown

Also see: Food Lovers Guide to Seattle Book Launch Party and many other upcoming events (especially for moms at a local café in Seattle) with Keren—click here.

And a list of places to start checking out at Sexy Food: One-On-One With Keren Brown by Linda Miller Nicholson

Enjoy, travel, and feast!

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