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Recurring technical problems with including pictures in my posts are a true pain in the butt and it makes blogging so much less funner… (Can you telll that I’m pissed?) But, this cup of latte before your eyes is perfection and if you’re in the neighborhood (That’ll be about a 3 hours drive from here), I wouldn’t want you to miss it!

This was the smoothest, sweetest, most creamiest, bestest 12 oz. double-shot latte I have ever had in my life and it had the fluffiest frothed (organic!) milk ever–that desrves a triple !!! One cup in the morning and I did not need, nor did I crave, any other latte the whole day.

It is seriously, and dangerously, addictive. (Don’t say I did not warn you!) A drink of the Gods. It was absolutely heavenly.

No other latte I’ve had before or since then has come close to this goodness. Now… I must move to Portland.

Or endure the pilgrimage. (Hey, it’s only a 3 hours drive… In each direction.)

Gotta return to Coava.

They have excellent pastries too from bakery Nuvrei. Awesome, awesome pastries!!!

Photo by Eran Megiddo

I read about the place for the first time on Ashley’s blog (gorgeous photos in her post). And this is what keeps me blogging, posting-pictures-butt-pain-and–all… ‘Cause you people must know about places like Coava and all the good food in the world (While you’re in Portland, go to Pok Pok, triple !!! No pics to prove it… Eran???) ) and this is what blogging is all about, right? Telling the secrets, spreading the news, sharing the knowledge, and making sure no one is going to miss out on the good stuff!


Photo by Eran Megiddo
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