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A few years ago, when I was trying to promote my (now defunct) personal chef business, I set up a table at my son’s day care center and offered brownies to those people who were interested to hear about it. Then a little girl passed by with her father and commented, ”these brownies look like poopy.” Her father was embarrassed and scolded her about being impolite and such, but she was right. The tiny little brown bite-size pieces did look like poop, even though I put each one in an adorable heart-painted mini cupcake liners. Ah, the honesty of children—so brutal! So pure!

Speaking of poo, I had a pretty crappy day this week. I was in a bad, bad mood because of… never mind. Unfortunately, I volunteered to bake some desserts for a teachers’ appreciation lunch at the school.

Bad mood + making desserts = ?

I guess that maybe because of my bad mood, the desserts didn’t turn out so good… At least not in my mind. Not the kind of treats I felt I could bring to the school and put my name on the tag attached to it.

Mediocre brownies. Bland lemon bars. Mixed nuts cookies which were actually totally awesome only they included a secret ingredient, peanuts!, and I found out about it hours after they were done, packed in a box and ready to go, when I read the fine print, “may contain peanut ingredients”—darn!


Regardless, taste-wise, it sure is a great thing that people cannot taste the emotions of those who were involved in making the food! I keep thinking about this book that I just finished reading. For that reason, that day, I served my children cereal for breakfast.

The kids were SO excited. For them it’s a special treat. They are too young and innocent to know that it is a bad sign. A sign that their mother is either one or more of the following: tired, lazy, emotionally drained, and/or angry. That specific morning, I just didn’t care what they ate, the love was not pouring out of me, so I served factory food .

But the following day was better. I woke up with better energies, clearer thoughts and I was ready to tackle the day, and the desserts that needed some TLC (Tender Love and Care). I had 3 hours to fix things and/or bake something new.

First thing, I quickly made Citrus yogurt cake. That took about 15 minutes to prepare and put in the oven. Great. I love that cake.

Next, I thought about ideas how to make the brownies I made which were sooo meh—It’s the recipe’s fault!—taste better, more exciting. One idea I had was to turn them into rum balls. After reading some recipes, I’ve decided to try something else.

I took a small piece and drizzled cherry brandy, mashed it with my hands and stuck a dried cranberry in it… It tasted good.

But it needed something else, texture. A crunch.



You know these coco puffs?

They turned out to be just perfect.IMG_0736

I mashed and mixed everything,


Rolled them into balls, and coated them with powdered sugar,


(so they don’t look like you know what…)

Pretty, ain’t it?


Yum yum.


I liked it a lot! I was proud of it. I could sure put my name on it.

I thought it was brilliant!

I wish I left some for my family to eat—there was a lot of joy in them. (Ah! The secret ingredient.)

So, teachers and staff, if you happen to read this post, tell me, did you like them?


Next post: I’ll tell you what I did to the lemon bars…


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