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I’ve been busy making lots and lots of doughnuts in the past week. It’s Hanukah and those doughnuts are the best treat ever!

After 5 batches of homemade doughnuts (Which we call “Sufganiyot”) and many guests and parties, I self-declare myself The Queen of Doughnuts—everyone said mine are the best! And I believe them.

And after eating 2-3 doughnuts a day I declare that I no longer worry about having muffin tops. Not at all…

On a different note, I been having thoughts lately about quitting to blog.

I lost my enthusiasm for so many reasons. Maybe one day when I have the time and energy for it I will explain it.

But last night we had a party. My guests and I spent nearly 3 hours in the kitchen—I was cooking and my guests were helping, and we drank wine and nibbled on cheeses and zucchini pancakes—and in a conversation with one of my guests I had an “A-ha!” moment. I was reminded why I started blogging in the first place. Because I want everyone to have a family dinner at home.

I am a great believer in family dinners. We made many changes in our life style so we will be able to have family dinners every night with our children, at home. I will write about that someday too—this IS important!

Meanwhile, I’m rethinking… I think I need to refocus on my goal/why I started blogging in the first place.

This blog sure took so many turns and went in different directions since I’ve started it two and a half years ago, and I lost focus on what matters to me. I know that what makes me tick is this family dinners “thing”. So, I will be back.

I think.

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