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Happy and sweet New Year everyone! Happy and sweet New Year everyone!
Junior "cooks" a family portrait Junior "cooks" a family portrait

Tonight I asked Junior (7 years old) to make dinner. While I cleaned up the scattered toys in the family room–his job–he “cooked” dinner–my job. A fair enough trade? Dad: Junior (Looks like Dad, but no beard, yet): Mom (It looks so much like me): Junioress (she does look like me):

Rethinking Rethinking

I’ve been busy making lots and lots of doughnuts in the past week. It’s Hanukah and those doughnuts are the best treat ever! After 5 batches of homemade doughnuts (Which we call “Sufganiyot”) and many guests and parties, I self-declare myself The Queen of Doughnuts—everyone said mine are the best! And I believe them. And […]