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Yes, I know, I know… I am aware that we have discussed “routine” already. But I have something on my mind and, hey, let’s face it, this is what routine does—it keeps coming back! Right? Hence, from time to time I wonder: why can’t I enjoy the daily night time routine with my kiddies? You know, the one that starts right after dinner.

Are you good at math? Because, let’s see… So far,

Junior (7.5 years old) had:4745 times teeth brushing2735 baths (we skipped 2)

2734 bed time stories


and Junioress (2.5 years old) had:1095 teeth brushings912 baths

534 bed time stories (we skipped a few)

3284 diaper changes

541.3 visits to the potty


And if I had to predict the future, I’d say there are definitely a few more years of performing these daily activities for our kids.

Recently, I’ve been asking myself:

Why does watching my lil’ one play with the little fishies that squirt water in her lil’ blue plastic tub, again, feels like a chore?

Why do I grind my teeth when she asks me, for the millionth time, to draw balloons, or flowers, or stars and rainbows for her with the colorful bath crayons when I have already done that in the past week about 8 times?

Why does reading a bed time story feel like a task? How could it be that reading Spot books the 74th time does not excite me anymore?

Spot is so cute.

Why do I feel like I’ve had enough with brushing other peoples’ teeth? Behold, we’ve only been doing this every day and every night in the past 7 years…


And… why…?

Don’t I love them???

(Well, of course I do.)

After contemplating about this for a couple of weeks, I realized the answer is: because it’s a routine.

Do you like routines? Do you love routines?

Well, some routines are good (I need help here: does anyone have a good example?) but some are plainly a daily grind.

But at least… At least I enjoy the cooking!

Because we do have to think and plan meals every day at least three times.

In the past 7 years I’ve prepared about 2300 breakfasts (Not including vacations) and I still like it—especially on weekends!

I’ve cooked about 2400 dinners (Not including vacations and date nights) and I still enjoy it—it’s my “thing”!

I’ve packed about 500 lunchboxes—Wow!—for Junior and 300 for Junioress and I am proud. (Notice I didn’t say “love” it. It is a chore after all. A labor of love?) And that’s a good thing because I know I will be assembling at least a couple of thousands more lunchboxes’ in my future until my kids are grown enough to make their own.

Not to mention making or taking snacks for car rides and going to the park… Zillion of times.

And then, last night, as I laid down next to Junioress in her bed, after giving her a bath, putting a dipaer on her tushie, helping her put on her green PJ with the pink dinosaur (or is it a turtle?), and after reading her two stories, she  stroke my hair and tickled my back and… I was speechless.

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