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Pssst, hey, I’ve got something to tell ‘ya.

Did you know I have a “Like” page on Facebook?

I’ve started updating it more frequently lately with dinner ideas, and lunch and breakfast too, desserts (of course!), cooking tips, and other food-related stuff. There’s some really useful informaiton there. Click here to see what’s in it and Like it.

For example, recently I’ve had these updates:

What to do with almost smooshy, overripe fruits that no one wants to eat,

 An idea for breakfast + See those colorful fruits? They are leftovers from a gluten-free, dairy-free, choclate-free dessert!

A link to a delicious soup I made with odds and ends and leftovers that I found, forgotten, in the fridge,

An idea for a simple dinner with minimum prep time, a classic,

And an apple cake with Calvados. (The recipe is a keeper but had some problems. Fortunately, friends on Twitter helped with some ideas.)

So, visit me there?

I think you’ll Like it.


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