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Roasted red cabbage recipe Roasted red cabbage recipe

My relationship with cabbage is a turbulent one: love, desire, neglect, forgetfulness, and then… It usually ends with a reunion. Many times I walk by cabbages at the grocery store and I mostly ignore them. Only rarely do I reach my hand out to one lucky, lovely, leafy ball to take home with me. And […]

Routine, yes, again Routine, yes, again

Yes, I know, I know… I am aware that we have discussed “routine” already. But I have something on my mind and, hey, let’s face it, this is what routine does—it keeps coming back! Right? Hence, from time to time I wonder: why can’t I enjoy the daily night time routine with my kiddies? You […]

Half-a-Banana Man (An essay: Part 3) Half-a-Banana Man (An essay: Part 3)

Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Because of the chemotherapy, he couldn’t enjoy the taste of food. His friends cooked him his favorite home-made meals—bean soup seasoned with pungent cumin and cilantro. His brother brought his favorite dishes from his favorite restaurants to the hospital: tuna sandwich, chocolate, and cream-filled cakes to satisfy the sweet […]

At allrecipes.com gorgeous kitchen At allrecipes.com gorgeous kitchen

I spent Sunday brunch time at allrecipes gorgeous kitchen in downtown Seattle for a Back to School Tweetup event. Since I don’t have an iPhone (or other means for tweeting live) and did not want to schlep my laptop for tweets’ sake, I’ve decided to share this experience with you in a post. I admit it, I’ve […]

One family. Friendly food "Like" Facebook page One family. Friendly food "Like" Facebook page

Pssst, hey, I’ve got something to tell ‘ya. Did you know I have a “Like” page on Facebook? I’ve started updating it more frequently lately with dinner ideas, and lunch and breakfast too, desserts (of course!), cooking tips, and other food-related stuff. There’s some really useful informaiton there. Click here to see what’s in it and […]

Half-a-Banana Man (An essay: Part 2) Half-a-Banana Man (An essay: Part 2)

(Part 1 here.) I think about him when I drink a cold beer in a tall, sweaty glass, or straight from a chilled bottle. That’s the way to drink beer, right? Well, he preferred his beer at room temperature; never ever cold. And he sure loved to drink beer. (Taking a sip from his bottle […]

Chicken braised with cream and tarragon Chicken braised with cream and tarragon

Chicken with cream and tarragon… I believe I was a B.A student the last time I made this dish. Pheeeww, that was a long time ago! How can it be that I let 10-15 years slip by without cooking this divine dish? Jeez. I was cooking a lot of French and Italian dishes back then, my early […]

Half-a-Banana Man (An essay: Part 1) Half-a-Banana Man (An essay: Part 1)

Bananas usually make me think of children. Like little kids, they are sweet and innocent. Just think about the way toddlers squish a banana with their chubby little fingers as they try to peel it, turning it into mush. Or the noises babies make when they chew on a chunk, chomping it down with their […]

Mint ice cream and the search for inspiration Mint ice cream and the search for inspiration

In my previous post, an interview with Shauna, Gluten-free girl, I asked her where does she find her food inspiration, because they seem to be making all kinds of cool foods over there at her place… It makes me feel like such a bore. Shauna replied with a few names of people she knows and […]