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… of another yummy “cake” to make this summer. (And I’m writing “yummy” ‘cos I’m in a hurry–can you tell?!)

Only thing, in this hot weather the buttery dough melts when you work it, so if it happens to you too, pop it back in the fridge to chill a bit and continue—don’t let it discourage you from making this!


Since I don’t like to cook fresh, seasonal fruit at their peak—I think they are just too good as is and their flavors completely change when heat hits them–I use fruit that have been sitting around on the counter for a while and have gotten too soft and overripe.

Click here for the recipe.


Another very important reminder!

Have you had a chance to get some of this yet?


Ahhhhh, freezing cold Pacific Ocean water…


Got to go now…


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