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We got there right on time. One minute before the sun disappeared behind the mountains. Can you see it?

I turned around and snapped this,


and the sun was gone. Sunset has begun.


It was date night. We had dinner—the restaurant was fancy, the food was good, a bit pricy, and overall OK but not worth mentioning to you (We won’t go back)—so, there won’t be much talking about food today. However, afterwards we went to the beach, to lazily sit on our bottoms for hours and gaze at the sunset and the water.

I was in desperate need for some quiet time–rest time for my crazy multi-tasking, tired brain—with no one around around to call “Mommy! Mommy!” and ask me for this or that. I desperately needed to sink my feet in the sand and feel the cold ocean water between my toes…

Summer is short; I count every day that goes by. And each day that passes without enough outdoors time makes me nervous—winter is waiting around the corner.

All I want is to get as much time as possible with water and sand, sand and water, and lots and lots of sun, and yeah, a little bit of sweating won’t hurt either.

Now I warn you, you are about to see a lot of feet!

Ready? Here we go:


Because I badly needed—I still do—a lot of this,


And I encourage you to do so as well, and hurry, before summer ends!


and stare at this,



for hours…


and more and more of this splashing in the sand—well, sort of…


and gazing at the ocean for hours and hours IMG_2221

I call it Water Therapy. I really, really need one.


Water Therapy, in my book, includes: sitting or lying, hardly moving, rarely talking, and a lot of water and horizon staring…

Looking up


and looking down, watching the ferries go by, back and forth from Seattle to the islands


But then, then, bad habits take over


I just can’t sit still for more than 15 minutes—this is what motherhood does to a woman! (Apparently, men are less affected…)

And I really really needed to feel my feet touch the cool sand (Because right now, for example, I have two kids talking to me at the same time, one about Lego and the other about hair clips…) before summer is over.





And, back to the blanket, to sit and do some more gawping and gaping and gawking, and not much moving,


Just staring at the horizon, and the water, the ferries, the boats, the sail boats, the planes… Gosh, there’s so much traffic in this world!







What is your must-do summer activity you just can’t seem to get enough of???


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