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Sun, sand, water, feet Sun, sand, water, feet

We got there right on time. One minute before the sun disappeared behind the mountains. Can you see it? I turned around and snapped this, and the sun was gone. Sunset has begun. It was date night. We had dinner—the restaurant was fancy, the food was good, a bit pricy, and overall OK but not […]

In the meantime… In the meantime…

I just can’t seem to find the time to blog lately… So, in the meantime… I give you this… It’s fresh. From Saturday. A Saturday sunset.

Take It Easy Take It Easy

Today is my father’s birthday. (On 8/12 it’ll be a year to his death.) It’s funny how songs with the word “Easy” remind me of him… Like this one. It’s been a while since I’ve been thinking about this song, Take It Easy by The Eagles, we once heard together on the radio – on a […]

Indian Pow Wow (Weekend photos) Indian Pow Wow (Weekend photos)

The United Indians of All Tribes Foundation holds this annual celebration in Discovery Park, Seattle. There’s traditional singing, dancing and drum contests, arts and crafts, food booths and salmon bake. More info here. Look at this child dance! ***

Summer, finally Summer, finally

Our veggie bed is small, as you can see. Only 4 by 8 feet (1.2 m * 2.4 m) but it’s still big enough to produce a lot of lettuce and some kale, chard, beets, fennel, peas, and (although I lost my optimism, we’re still waiting to see some) cauliflower. Every thing that grows is a […]

Mushroom quiche recipe Mushroom quiche recipe

OK, so we had a few distractions between the No-roll quiche crust post – because we visited Mount Rainier National Park, Blueberry Hills farm, and Lake Chelan – to the actual finished product, that is the mushroom quiche post. I’ll be honest with you… For me, making – and eating! – a mushroom quiche is […]