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Something, or someone, is munching on our leafy greens.


He/she/it particularly likes the cauliflower leaves


and the tender curly lettuce leaves


Some, but not so much, kale


or the other kale,


and it is not too crazy about beets either.



I looked for snails but couldn’t find any.

Puzzled, I mentioned it to a friend yesterday. She told me about this trick when you put beer in a bowl near the veggie bed.

“How does it work exactly?” I was curious.

“The snails love beer. They can smell it from a distance and would come to it and leave your veggies alone. Then they will climb into the beer bowl to drink some and will drown.”

“Oh, I guess if you go, this is the way to go!” I was thrilled! This sounded like a humane solution to get rid of the mysterious pest/bug/nuisance. Not to mention it’s eco-friendly.

Last night I went outside to pick some lettuce for dinner’s salad and saw how great is the damage. Still, I couldn’t see anyone or anything living and snacking on my lettuce.

As I washed the leaves, soaking them in a big bowl of water, I noticed a few snails clinging to them, the kind without a shell; those who look more like fat, slimy worms… Yuck. Or are they worms? Sneaky little bastards… Without a second thought, I took a bottle of beer, poured some into a plastic container and hurried back outside. I made a little dent in the soil and placed the container carefully in it.

This morning Suburban Cowboy spotted a squirrel stealing the beer bowl!

Later I saw the neighbor’s black cat sniffing around the area. Hmm…

(Beer braised squirrel anyone?)

Now I don’t know what to do… Should I give the beer trick another try? Maybe this time I should add a bowl of potato chips? Tortilla chips maybe? Do you think the critters will like it?

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