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Do you remember what you did during Memorial Day weekend?

Sometimes when people ask me on Monday, “How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?” I totally blackout. Zilch. Nothing. My mind goes blank and cannot produce a syllable.

Memorial Day weekend sure seems like it had happened a looong time ago but it’s only been a few days. Nevertheless, I’m still thinking about our visit to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM).

We had our first sort-of staycation. Why sort of? Because we stayed close to home, and had an easy, short vacation – we’re just too tired/lazy to do anything beyond that – but we spent one night in a hotel. So, I’m not sure it counts as a staycation but it sure felt like it.

On the first day we went to the museum. We haven’t been there in the past few months and I knew there is a Kurt Cobain exhibit going on. Were you a Nirvana fan? Gosh, that was in the early 90’s…. like… 20 years ago! It’s feels as though it’s been 2-3 years; smells like teen spirit to me, hahaha. Ahem.

So, back to the museum… Locals, have you been there yet?

At the entrance, car crash


Green bottle person. Recycle, people, recycle!


But some art… I just don’t get. Like this white painting,


Or this one…


Just look at her pointing at that painting. She looks like a pro, doesn’t she?

I thought “Maybe like in The Little Prince book where the boy draws a picture of a boa snake that had swallowed an elephant but all the adults can see is a hat… Kids have more imagination and creativity and open mindedness, unlike us, the grownups…”  So I consulted with my little one, “What do you see in this painting?”

“It’s balloons!”, she explained. “How can you not get it?” I could hear her think.

So I thought I’d better ask her what does she think about this other white painting,


“It’s paper.”

“Ohhh, right, how come I haven’t thought about that…”

I don’t know… I just don’t get it. Do you? Please, if you do, teach me. I beg you.

This, on the other hand, gives me the chills every time I see it.


I think of wars and soldiers… dead soldiers… Thousands of people, fighting, wounded, killed.


This statue/sculpture – people, help me out – is scary and makes me shiver too; a big black rat standing over a person lying in bed…. Brrrr…




What is this about?


And then it was time to eat.

What I especially like about SAM is the restaurant that is attached to it, Taste. Unlike many other museums and cultural venues that offer the typical junk food – how disappointing is that?! – Taste has wonderful, fresh, organic, and sophisticated menu. You can read about the magnificent food in my previous post: How much does junk food really cost?


I started feeling a bit “art-sy” myself,


Oh, well, I need some more practice.


Can you tell, who was the hungriest?

IMG_9931 IMG_9929

After lunch we went back to the museum – don’t worry, you’ll get dessert later…


– to make some of our own art. We found 3 areas inside SAM where kids can play, read, and make art!


Then we headed to the Kurt Cobain exhibit.

No photos allowed. You’ll just have to go and see it.


I took this photo before I knew about it.


It wasn’t a big exhibition but it was very intense. And it took me back in time and made me wish I lived in Seattle back then, during the Grunge era.

Now I do, but those bands that still live and perform are middle-aged and I don’t go to their concerts. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s just not the same thing… I see it differently now.


Another area for kids to play, read, and make art


and get a view of the grey city


and its many grey cars.

Oh, so many shades of grey. But, hey, I spotted a blue one!


IMG_9995 IMG_9994


One day, I might do this to my dining room wall.

A wall painted with a zillion of tiny black dots. I’m serious. I believe this can be good therapy.

dotted painting

But can I do this?


OK, we haven’t eaten anything for the past…. hour or so… and we’re back at Taste for dessertS with a capital S!

7 types of cookies (I couldn’t repeat their names a second after the waiter finished saying them) and a glass of organic milk. What a lovely dessert. Genius in its simplicity. I’ve got nothing to say beyond that.


That was my dessert: polenta pudding, rhubarb compote, and parsley ice cream. Mmmmmmmmm.


That was one fantastic lemon ice cream. I’m not a big fan of lemony desserts but this ice cream was delicate and light on the palate (not acidic and attacking like most lemon desserts are made), and very smooth and creamy.


She liked it too; can you tell?


Junior, or the other hand, thinks he’s a celebrity or something… and wouldn’t let me take his photo.


And off we go to the hotel after hours at SAM and Taste.


The end

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