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Blintzes 4

So, how was your Mother’s Day?

My morning started with blintzes as I was sitting in the kitchen, admiring the little gifts the kids made. I was happy. I felt all sweet inside. But it could have been the result of too much jam in my blintze.

By the way, thank you teachers for helping the kids make those little treasures!


And let’s be honest here for a second. Without the teachers, Mother’s Day would not be the same.

And speaking of teachers…I found a sweet e-mail sent by Junior’s teacher. He sent a note to all the mothers of the kids in his class. This is what he wrote:


I just wanted to take a moment to honor and celebrate all of the wonderful moms in our community.  There is much that you do and so much that you give that doesn’t always get fully recognized and appreciated, but as a teacher of young children, I can fully attest to just what a tremendous difference you make. It always inspires me to see how much of your strength, wisdom, trust, kindness, and love is reflected in the eyes of your children, and I know that these are the things that sustain them as they make their way in the world.

In my eyes, you are truly awesome!

With Love,


Ohhh, it melts my heart every time I read it. (I read it 5 times.) I think we’ll send Junior to this class for an extra few years!

Suburban cowboy, on the other hand, still needs to learn about Mother’s Day. Maybe I should send him back to school?

There were plenty of HINTS. But he didn’t get it. So I think I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands. Since my employers are too young (see this post), I’ll have to take care of it myself.

Here’s the HINT:


How can a person not get it?

But luckily for him, I had a very tight neck, back, and hips, and had a massage last week when the brilliant idea of owning a hoola hoop was born. So I told him that “just in case you don’t have a plan for Mother’s Day” (and I was sure that this year, by Friday, he would have), “I’d be happy to have a hoola hoop.”

And so, I give you Suburban cowboy practicing his hoola hooping skills:

IMG_9324 IMG_9328 
IMG_9332 IMG_9338

and there he goes again

IMG_9327 IMG_9329
IMG_9344 IMG_9343

OK, this is so much better than a ring. Forget the ring!

(I, on the other hand, really need to learn how to take photos using the shutter speed mode!)


After hoola hooping, the three of them went to the grocery store and I had some quiet time.

Then later, as I was making potato salad for lunch…

potato salad

an invisible little dwarf sneaked into the kitchen and left these on the counter, and ran away giggling.


I wondered who could that be.

I was glad to get fresh daisies – my favorite flowers – because my daisy plant looks like this:


Then, we had a nice lunch outside


The weather was fab for Mother’s Day.

And then we went to the park, and then back home.

And then we cooked dinner.

And then Suburban cowboy made fantastic swordfish steaks (I’ll make him share the recipe), and my little dwarf wanted to help with shooting it in the sunset,


But I felt like making fettuccine with cream and mushrooms and a hint of lemon.

So we had a little argument. The dishes didn’t match much.

But we went ahead with it, and each dish was good on its own and together with the other one as well.

And we enjoyed dinner. It was really nice. The kids were pretty quiet for a change because they were tired after hours of running around in the park in honor of Mother’s Day .

So overall… it was a regular, normal, good day.

… Besides the extra flowers, and hugs, and little gifts, and dancing, and kisses.

How was your Mother’s Day?


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