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What are our most important roles as parents if not to teach our children the difference between right and wrong, to show them the way to happiness, and to gently push them out of the nest to become independent people?

Shish, that’s a lot of responsibility!

And Suburban Cowboy, as the good dad that he IS, sure takes this job seriously.

(Suburban Cowboy, this is my present to you for 2010 Father’s Day. You know how I like to receive my presents before the actual celebration day…)

Both of us would like to see our kids become self-sufficient, and the sooner the better. Because we would really love to catch up on some sleep and be able to complete a sentence or a thought before we get too old. A nice weekend getaway would be nice too.

And Suburban Cowboy takes this one step farther than I do. He really teaches the kids important stuff. For example, the other day he taught Junior how to change a burnt light bulb in the garage.

It starts with climbing and sitting on top of mommy’s car,


(Hmm, if I haven’t taken it to the car wash the day before, they could have cleaned my car too.)

Then he explained how to change a burnt light bulb in the car!


He is really good with changing light bulbs.

That task involved some reading too.


It’s a very manly job, don’t you think? (When was the last time you, girls, have changed a light bulb in your car?)


And, what do you know? It actually worked! Ta-da!


I have little faith in Do-It-Yourself projects. I am so dependant.

Their next job to tackle, the dishwasher.

Suburban Cowboy and junior did some research on the internet – the boys LOVE to do research on the internet! – to find the model of our machine and the parts they needed.

They shopped online too! (Not my kind of shopping, but… Whatever gives them pleasure.)

Ah, Bing, what would we have done without you? We’d have to call Mr. Rooter if you did  not exist in our lives.


Here he is, demonstrating how to pump air into a beach ball. This is some serious stuff! (Although I wish I took that photo from a different angle. Wink, wink.)


…and how to play safely in the street


… and so many other important things. Like, do the laundry,

IMG_7462 IMG_7460
Walk away. There’s nothing to see here.
But most of all…


most of all…IMG_7456

He teaches them how to shave.


one day they

they will have to


how to shave





Oh, yes, you missed a spot.

Yeah, right there…


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