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Allow me to be brutal for a second and tell you right away what you will never read on my blog; stories about how much my parents loved each other. This is probably why I sulked for four days after I read Lorna’s post about her parents, On Food, Love, and Family.

Every time I read about someone else’s normal family and their love for one another I have tears in my eyes. I cannot help but feel joy (for them) mixed with pain. And a pinch of jealousy.

So I felt somewhat gloomy-doomy for a few days. By the fourth day I got it!

A loving relationship between parents is one of the greatest gifts that the parents can give to their children. And while I can do nothing about the past and choices I didn’t make, I sure can focus on the present, and the future, and what I can do. And I look at what I do have.

Suburban Cowboy mentioned to me the other day that we’ve been together for nearly 10 years! He’s been thinking about it (Ohhhh….). It’s been wonderful so far.

We constantly work on our relationship and it gets better and better every day. I won’t tell you that we don’t have our moments, our arguments, conflicts, and misunderstandings. We do. Any couple does, right?! And still, as a friend once described us, we operate together like a “well-oiled machine”. Now I must add a :) and an exclamation mark to that!

So I don’t have love stories of my parents to share, but I hope that Suburban Cowboy and me will provide enough good material for our children to talk about one day… That thought made me happy.

That’s us back in 2001 while on a trip to Cyprus.

2002, Columbia River, Oregon


(No, we don’t own a boat. Don’t get all excited.)

In the meantime, while we create our legacy, allow me to share a few links to beautiful and inspiring stories about parents, and love, and food:

Elise from Simply Recipes adores her parents. She has a lot of recipes that start with “Mom’s…” and “Dad’s…” and that says a lot.

Tara Weaver from Tea & Cookies always weaves the complexity of relationships into her posts. I love that about her blog. You should read her post about her mother, A Very Special Day.

Sweet Jessie from Cakespy wrote Sugar mama: An ode to the sweetest mom ever. The title itself made me go “Ohhhhhh…”, but the post is also beautiful and you should read it.

I can’t forget Dianne from White on Rice post from way back in February 2009 about Vietnamese Braised Pork & eggs in caramel – Thit Heo Kho Trung Flashbacks from my mom’s kitchen. It also brought tears to my eyes.

Molly from Orangette once tweeted to me that her parents are “very easy to love”. It shocked me that someone can declare so simply this sort of declaration. I’ll never forget that. I loved her post “A first-rate mess” about her mother the “champion crab-leg sucker”.

Hmm, so we have 2 pairs of parents and 4 mothers… Well, mothers are a special case; they always win.


I have also tweeted (@1familyfood) and Facebook-ed asking for more links to posts of this sort and received a few links:

Adrienne from A Big Mouthful wrote about how she learned to make broccoli kugel with her mom.

Olga from Mango & Tomato collaborated with her dad to make Baked Trout with Vegetables 

Roz from Roz’s Scrumptious Recipes loves her mother-in-law and made tortilla soup inspired by her

Lara wrote her “multi-generational households” in her post Orzo Primavera.


leavenworth and lake chelan 011

L, I love you.

Happy 1st decade anniversary!


We look so serious above… but mostly we’re not…

Have you seen Suburban Cowboy do the hoola hoop dance?


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