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Loving parents Loving parents

Allow me to be brutal for a second and tell you right away what you will never read on my blog; stories about how much my parents loved each other. This is probably why I sulked for four days after I read Lorna’s post about her parents, On Food, Love, and Family. Every time I […]

Cholent, a 15+ hours Shabbat stew (a.k.a Hamin, Chamin) Cholent, a 15+ hours Shabbat stew (a.k.a Hamin, Chamin)

I must tell you about this stew. Because even if you believe that you will never ever make it, you must know of its existence!!! And so, you will make a conscious, knowledgeable decision whether you make it or not. I don’t want the responsibility lying on my shoulders knowing that (some of) you are […]

Simple salmon says Simple salmon says

Just look at that. Isn’t it gorgeous???? Fresh… Wild… Salmon. I’m so excited to see fresh, wild salmon, and at reasonable prices, at the grocery stores again. Just look at that color. Gorgeous. So I had to get me some for dinner and I bought one pound (Which is enough for 3-4 servings). This cut […]

Suburban Cowboy and the next generation Suburban Cowboy and the next generation

What are our most important roles as parents if not to teach our children the difference between right and wrong, to show them the way to happiness, and to gently push them out of the nest to become independent people? Shish, that’s a lot of responsibility! And Suburban Cowboy, as the good dad that he […]

Farina porridge mess Farina porridge mess

I’m not quite sure really what it is… I think it qualifies as porridge but some might say it’s a pudding, or even a crema. Definitions asides, this was one of the few memorable breakfasts of my childhood. Sweet, thick, milky farina porridge. I remember loving it, asking for it, sometimes even begging my mother […]

Inspiration: Mireille Guiliano, “French Women Don’t Get Fat” author Inspiration: Mireille Guiliano, “French Women Don’t Get Fat” author

Sometimes I get stuck. Plain stuck in a rut. When everything seems to be the same old routine, dull and boring. When nothing much is happening. I’m sure it happens to everyone, right?! Does it ever happen to you? When it happens to me, I find my posts are dreary, my photos are terrible, the […]

Weekend photos: Mother’s Day Weekend photos: Mother’s Day

So, how was your Mother’s Day? My morning started with blintzes as I was sitting in the kitchen, admiring the little gifts the kids made. I was happy. I felt all sweet inside. But it could have been the result of too much jam in my blintze. By the way, thank you teachers for helping the […]

Sweet Blintzes Sweet Blintzes

Blintzes… I’ve been making them since high school. That’s… never mind how many years ago. I’ll be 40 in a few months! I hear the preparations for the celebrations are underway. (No pressure, Suburban cowboy.) Back in high school, I used to make a batch of these crepe-like yummies and take them with me to […]

Bite size: Homemakers Bite size: Homemakers

A friend called me the other day. She said, “My little girl asked me this morning, why do I stay at home when everyone else has to go to school or work. I didn’t know what to say to her.” “What did you say to her?”, I asked. “I said nothing. What do you answer […]

Bacon mashed potatoes Bacon mashed potatoes

Bacon. Mashed potatoes. Need I say more? OK. Bacon! Mashed potatoes! Yum. End of story? Not really. I took you down memory lane with me a while ago when we discussed Poffertjes. Remember those? (If you have no idea what I’m talking about you must click on Poffertjes and Ebelskivers immediately.) Back in 1989 I […]