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Puget Sound

Our very own local and amazing, and one of my favorite people and good friend, Keren Brown organized a special event this weekend.

Keren Brown


Do you spot anyone who might look familiar to you?

(Hint: She’s sitting on the left side)

Do you know Ree? A.k.a The Pioneer Woman?

Ree Drummond

Ree is on a book tour and Keren asked her to allocate some time to meet with Seattle’s food bloggers.

Ree was so sweet and down to earth, patient to listen to everyone’s stories, and she has two great big, really gorgeous, dimples.

Pioneer Woman

And here’s Ree taking a photo of me taking a photo of her.


We’re blogger paparazzi/paparazzi bloggers… spying on our family, spying on other bloggers, on food…

Besides meeting Ree, hearing her speak and me joking around (a bit too much? I hope I did not make a complete fool of myself), the event was a wonderful opportunity to meet people I like and get to know new ones, and drink and eat local wine and food.


There was lots of good food and wine at Anthony’s restaurant located in Seattle by the water with fantastic view of Puget Sound. It was my first time there but I will be back! Such professional, generous, and pleasant hospitality and food there.
Anthony's Bell Street Diner (Belltown) on Urbanspoon
Oregon Dungeness crab legs,

Dungeness crab legs

I wish I took photos of the rest of the food to show you. It was delicious! Asian ginger beef sliders, Seared fresh Alaska halibut, Ahi Poke on sesame crisp. All good enough reasons to start your own food blog. I tell ya, there’s lots of perks in this “job”.

The view from the restaurant, breathtaking

Seattle pier

A way overly exposed photo, but I love it


Raw oysters are pretty new to me. The first time I had one was last summer. Have you ever had raw oysters?


An oyster’s flavor is so unique; I’d say there’s no experience quite like it.

Eating an oyster always feels to me like swallowing sea water. It reminds me of the time I almost drowned at sea when I was 10. I feel like swallowing the ocean again and the taste lingers long after the oyster has gone down. Nowadays, every time I eat fresh raw seafood that it makes me happy to be living in Seattle.


IMG_8059And it all happened here,


I can’t get enough of this…




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